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Pro Chef Kitchen Tools Stainless Steel

Spaghetti Pasta Fork - Noodle Serving Spoon Perfectly Lifts, Drains, Serves Long Strand Ribbon Noodles and Zoodles

Pro Chef Kitchen Tools Stainless Steel

Slotted Serving Spoon - Perfect To Scoop, Drain, Skim, Transfer or Serve Boiled and Fried Foods with Heat Resistant Commercial Restaurant Cooking Utensils

ELLTERA Metal Taco Holder Stand- 2

IN PACK - BONUS NON-SLIP MAT - Premium Stainless Steel Taco Rack, 5 Pockets -Oven,Grill,Dishwasher Safe Taco Holders - For Soft and Hard Tacos - BONUS Recipe e-Book

Pro Chef Kitchen Tools Stainless Steel
Pro Chef Kitchen Tools Stainless Steel
ELLTERA Metal Taco Holder Stand- 2
Specification Pro Chef Kitchen Tools Stainless Steel Pasta Fork
Polished Stainless Steel
Pro Chef Kitchen Tools Stainless Steel Slotted Spoon
Polished Stainless Steel
Elltera 4U-C4QG-410J
metal, Metal
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Pro Chef Kitchen Tools has designed the ultimate fork that ensures you will never have to struggle with serving pasta to your family and guests again. This pasta server dishes out long pastas more easily than any other kitchen utensil. The fork has holes in order to have automatic drainage as you remove the pasta from the pot. This pasta server is dishwasher safe allowing for easy cleanup and is composed of one piece of stainless steel thus eliminating any spots for bacteria build up. The server is also heat resistant thus you can rest it against any hot pots and pans while cooking without any trouble. And they're stain and odor resistant so you'll enjoy them for years to come - they simply won't discolor, warp, melt or chip like your old plastic kitchen utensils. PASTA SERVING SPOONS are ideal for serving ample portions of pasta to family and friends
The Pro Chef Kitchen Tools Slotted Spoon is perfect for stirring and lifting vegetables or pasta from pots of water, or removing meat from their broth. The spoon is constructed of tough, rust-resistant stainless steel. The slots in the spoon allow grease and other liquid to drain away from food easily. A loop at the end of the handle allows it to be hung for easy storage. The spoon is dishwasher safe for to insure easy cleanup. You can use it for common cooking tasks like sautéing, stirring, serving and more. The enhanced brushed stainless steel finish will compliment any style kitchen décor. Our spoons are designed so that you may safely lean the spoon on hot pots and pans in order to reduce kitchen mess. Pro Chef Kitchen Tools believes in designing products that are easy to use for the wideset range of users. This is why out products are made from industrial grade quality materials to ensure the widest range of users ranging from restaurant chefs to the stay at home mom. Our spoon is heat resistant and its ergonimic design is made so that it is easy to hold. Our unique product ensures that it never gets too hot to the touch, no matter how long you leave it in the heat. LARGE SERVING SPOONS from Pro Chef Kitchen Tools are designed to compliment any cutlery designs SLOTTED SERVING SPOON is made from stainless steel with a lavish finish to transform your kitchen METAL SERVING SPOONS are designed not to damage non-stick surfaces when used in the kitchen
Do you find it extremely inconvenient to hold taco shells in one hand and fill them using another (just a single hand) - and sometimes even get stressed by the mess involved in doing so?

Are you looking for an easier way to fill taco shells and also a way to present them in a visually more seductive or appealing way?

Well, we have an incredible solution to all your problems and you will love it for its many amazing features and benefits:


- Smart way to securely hold your taco shells in place while you stuff them with fillings of your choice
- Allows you to use both the hands for comfortable and hassle-free stuffing - a lot less tiresome
- Deep and Wide Pockets - Ease of stuffing and No risk of spilling the salsa or tipping over of the shells
- Visually appealing way to present Tacos - perfect angles allow for visibility of colourful, delicious, and luring fillings
- Can be used not only for Tacos but also for preparing Flatbread sandwiches, Rolls, etc.
- Has 4 pockets to let you hold upto 4 Taco shells conveniently and easily
- Made of premium quality food-safe stainless steel
- Safe for use in an oven or on a grill - helpful in keeping the shell crispy and the cheese melted
- Safe for use even in a dishwasher
- Thoughtful design - enough space to let you conveniently pick up the tacos - failed attempts to pick up the tacos could result in fissures and thus leaking of salsa
- FREE BONUS - you also get a PVC Non-Slip Mat and a Tacos Recipes e-Book

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Dimensions - - Width: 7.1 cm (2.8'')
Length: 18.3 cm (7.2'')
Height: 5.8 cm (2.3'')
Weight - - 0.263 kg (0.58 lb)
Package Dimensions Width: 15.2 cm (6'')
Length: 19.7 cm (7.75'')
Height: 7 cm (2.75'')
Package Weight 0.227 kg (0.5 lb) 0.181 kg (0.4 lb) 0.34 kg (0.75 lb)
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Pro Chef Kitchen Tools Stainless SteelPro Chef Kitchen Tools Stainless SteelELLTERA Metal Taco Holder Stand- 2
  • - The pasta fork is a great kitchen tool. But it may be passed up by some because it is only good for one dish. Putting slots on the bottom of it makes the tool even more useful. For those in smaller kitchen, it's also a space saver because it can serve as two tools in one. The pasta server has steel prongs all the way around it creating a circular compartment. Scooping pasta from a large pot is made much easier with these prongs.
  • - Controlling the amount of water or sauce that makes it to the plate is a nice feature of this fork. The slotted bottom releases excess liquids to create the perfect pasta dish. But pasta forks aren't just for pasta. They can be used scoop up meatballs, as a mechanism to dip something into the fryer, or even in chocolate. Dip it in water with eggs in the pot to boil. The existing prongs will hold the item to be dipped in place while the slots drain off any excess that may exist.
  • - Alternative uses aside, this stainless steel implement is most commonly used as a spaghetti pasta fork. Spaghetti is difficult to get out of a pot. The design holds pasta securely making it simple and easy to serve a family or large gathering in short order. It comes in handy a spatula ladle for scooping up chunky sauces or even a thick stew. The wide handle of a pasta fork allows for a good grip that won't result in a sore wrist at the end of the day.
  • - PASTA FORK is durable, sturdy, high quality stainless steel that won't chip, crack, dent or rust SPAGHETTI PASTA FORK dishes out long pastas more easily than a spoon or fork
  • - PASTA SERVER has an elegant design and excellent quality made from full stainless steel SPATULA LADLE are ergonomically designed to achieve ideal balance, weight and feel PASTA FORKS are dishwasher safe and made from commercial grade stainless steel
  • - The slotted spoon is one of the most versatile utensils used in cooking. This stainless steel serving spoon assists in both cooking and serving larger foods. Use it for meats like pulled pork or ground beef when they need to be drained. It also makes an ideal pasta server because it scoops the noodles out from the pot and lets any water drain away. Any food that needs lifting out of a pot or pan will benefit from a slotted spoon.
  • - Eggs are a delicate food. With the wrong tool, a poached or hard boiled egg may break leaving yokes or egg shells where they shouldn't be. This slotted spoon has smooth edges making it perfect to scoop all manner of eggs from a vessel without damaging them. Turn several into serving spoons for the next event or family dinner. Vegetables and potatoes fit onto the spoon's surface making serving multiple people simple. The spoon's steel body will endure heavy usage with little sign of wear.
  • - Meat, poultry, and fish taste great. But they can easily dry out during the cooking process. Using a basting spoon like this one keep every main dish that requires basting moist and tender. Unlike proteins, fried foods tend to become too moist thanks to excess oil. Lift foods out of the fryer with a spoon and shake off the extra. The slots drain the oil away leaving much more favorable food behind. Pair slotted spoons with one that has holes for a complete serving spoon set.
  • - SLOTTED SPOON is ideal for stirring and draining food cooking in boiling water. BASTING SPOON should be able handle a number of kitchen tasks, not just basting
  • - SERVING SPOON has a large scoop so that it is easy to fish out vegetables and pasta SERVING SPOON SET adds stunning design to your kitchen with this elegant and high quality design SERVING SPOONS made from stainless steel for safely leaning utensils on hot cookware
  • - ✔ PERFECT TACO HOLDERS - no risk of tacos being tipping over. Use them with hard, soft (corn or flour tortillas), and even flat-bottom taco shells.
  • - ❗️【FREE BONUS NON-SLIP MAT】 - no more crumbs on the table.
  • - ✔ OVEN, GRILL& DISHWASHER SAFE - use them with confidence
  • - ✔ MONEY BACK GUARANTEE - simply send them back for a no-questions asked, hassle-free refund.
  • - ➡ FREE BONUS E-BOOK - free book of incredible Taco Recipes.
Model info
  • Manufacturer: Pro Chef Kitchen Tools
  • Publisher: Pro Chef Kitchen Tools
  • PartNumber: Stainless Steel Pasta Fork
  • ProductGroup: Kitchen
  • Amazon ASIN: B01KJCNHWG
  • EAN: 0616175373728
  • UPC: 616175373728
  • Manufacturer: Pro Chef Kitchen Tools
  • Publisher: Pro Chef Kitchen Tools
  • PartNumber: Stainless Steel Slotted Spoon
  • ProductGroup: Kitchen
  • Amazon ASIN: B01KJCNGCW
  • EAN: 0616175373667
  • UPC: 616175373667
  • Manufacturer: Elltera
  • Publisher: Elltera
  • PartNumber: 4U-C4QG-410J
  • ProductGroup: Kitchen
  • Amazon ASIN: B01K78MCKU
Color Polished Stainless Steel Polished Stainless Steel Metal
Size Pasta Fork Slotted Spoon -
Pro Chef Kitchen Tools Stainless SteelPro Chef Kitchen Tools Stainless SteelELLTERA Metal Taco Holder Stand- 2
Price (*) Unavailable
Color (*) metal
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