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He Needed A Hero

He Needed A Hero

He Needed A Hero (Unlikely Heroes Book 2)

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After a life-changing injury sends him home and ends his career; Josh agrees to temporarily move in with Alvin and Carter (from book 1), Unfortunately, or perhaps fortunately, learning to walk again with his brand new prosthesis, takes some time to adjust. When the small and broken man from the cafe run's into him by accident, it leads to a run-in that Josh is ashamed of the second he leaves.

Teddy is the small, broken cafe worker that accidentally runs into the big, brooding man with the cane. With an embarrassing and painful encounter between the two and an abusive uncle furthering said injury; its just the way things go in "The Life Of Teddy Valentine."
Feeling guilty for the way he snapped at the small guy; Josh decides to pay him another visit taking Carter with his as a buffer. One thing leads to another and the hits just keep on coming for Teddy. Will it be enough drama for Josh to throw in the towel or will Teddy end up finding his hero?

*This book does contain strong language and sexual situations between men* You're welcome ;)
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He Needed A Hero
Publication Date 2016-05-20
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Release Date 2016-05-20
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