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Microfiber House Cleaning Cloths Kitchen Towels

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Microfiber House Cleaning Cloths Kitchen Towels

Set Super Absorbent, Soft, Thicker - Quick Dry Towel, Easily Clean Without Chemicals, Perfect DUST, DECONTAMINATION, WASHING, 5 Pcs, 12 x 16-Inch

Microfiber House Cleaning Cloths Kitchen Towels
Specification EHOMEBUY
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About Ehome
Ehome microfiber cleaning cloths are SGS listed with high security, remarkable stain repellent function and antibacterial rate more than 99%. You can surely be confident with the security and reliability of the products.

Characteristic and advantage:
Really nice clean cloth doesn't require any chemicals or detergents to clean, just wash clean with plain water.
- All Purpose - Use Dry for Dusting - Damp for General Cleaning - Wet for Scrubbing
- Won't harbor bacteria, no odors
- Microfiber cleaning cloths, strong decontamination, dusting, oil and water absorption performance.
- Ultra soft, Lint-free, streak-free and non-abrasive cleaning
- Make cleaning and washing easier, lazy-man will be diligent.
- After wiping, the surface is cleaner and brighter

Use Tips:
- After use, please wash with clean water in time, easier to clean.
- Flat to dry after each use, more hygienic.
- In the cold winter, use warm water to clean, the cleaning effect will be better.
- As for the special waste like gelatinous oil, it can be washed by a slightly alkaline detergent such as soap and washing powder.
- It's better to wipe the strong viscous stains under the semi wet condition.

Care Instructions:
- Do Not Use Fabric Softeners - This WILL Reduce Performance
- Do Not Use Bleach
- Do Not Iron
- We Recommended That You Wash the Cloths Prior To Use
- Do not use more than 60 degrees hot water to wash
- Decontamination and antibacterial is functional in water about 300-350 times (about 3.5 months) and will gradually weaken after then.

Keeping healthy is not a kids' game, what we must do is a thorough Anti-microbial cleaning.
Ehome functional cleaning cloths, working smart to provide you innovative cleaning solutions.
Package Dimensions
Package Weight 0.181 kg (0.4 lb)
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Microfiber House Cleaning Cloths Kitchen Towels
  • - MICROFIBER FABRIC - No streaks, no lint, non - abrasive, super absorbent, absorbs up to 8 it's own weight! Quick dry towerl perfect size for home / kitchen dust, decontamination.
  • - EASY TO CLEAN - Without adding any detergent, direct water to wash, saving clean-up costs.
  • - ADVANTAGES - Adds a unique antimicrobial molecules, effectively reducing bacteria generated in wet conditions.
  • - PRAGMATIC- YES! They're superior to anything, extremely soft to the touch. It is amazing for kitchen, floor, surface, glass, window, table etc.
  • - PACKING - 5-pack microfiber cloths, 12 x 16-Inch.
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Microfiber House Cleaning Cloths Kitchen Towels
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