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Fluffy Microfiber Duster | Best Green

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Fluffy Microfiber Duster | Best Green

Cleaning Washable Dusters,Reusable Micro Fiber, Bendable; Extendable-Add Your Handle For Long Reach, Eco Friendly by CleansGreen Not Ostrich Feather or Lambs Wool

Fluffy Microfiber Duster | Best Green
Specification Cleans Green AX-AY-ABHI-42592 76
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Fluffy Microfiber Duster: Removes Dust Like no Other | Perfect for Electronics and Car Detailing

- Microfiber feathers capture dust, dirt and cobwebs
- Perfect for home & kitchen, automobile detailing, electronics, as well as industrial & scientific applications
- Flexible, bendable, has threaded handle for different choices of extension poles
- Soft fibers do not damage surfaces
- Reusable, easy to clean (shake or hand wash; air dry)
- Long lasting; does not shed or fall apart when used or washed
- Soft feathers do not damage surfaces or electronics

Remove dust effectively while being green! Ordinary dusters spreads dust for it to soon return to the same area. Fluffy Microfiber Duster offers a healthy solution to all your dust problems. Dust is captured instantly and is disposed of with a good shake or washing. Measuring 17" long, this bendable duster connects to an extension handle (sold separately) to help you clean high areas such as ceiling fans, chandeliers and cathedral ceiling corners without using a ladder.

Key Features and Benefits: - Uses latest split fiber technology to easily grab dirt
- Microfibers become electrostatically charged with use, thus attracting more dust
- Features heavy duty twisted wire spine, allowing you to bend duster for corners, behind/under furniture and other hard-to-reach areas
- Microfiber strands are long to cover an wider area than others
- Shed free, lint free, non-abrasive, does not harm surfaces, yet picks up dust
- No need for expensive chemicals or refills; helps you save money as well as your car and electronics.

100% Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed, One Year Replacement Policy

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Fluffy Microfiber Duster | Best Green
  • - ONE OF TOP PROFESSIONAL TOOLS No chemicals required (spray with Pledge optional). Smarter science behind it (80/20 polyester/polyamide spilt fiber), after all it is magnetic in how it pickup, lock and traps dust instead of pushing it around - magic. Will trap dust under fine furniture, up on high surface or places (bookshelves, fan blades, chandelier light, spider cobweb off Ceiling Lights). Easily wash with soap and water without softener. Rotate or spin to remove water
  • - DETAILS Easy to clean kitchen and home with pro commercial design details: lightweight fuzzy puff, soft, non-scratchy to touch large head, yet skinny and slim enough to get into tight and small spaces; compact size to store in storage, ergonomic handheld grip handles, angle flexible wire spine for maneuvering, threaded wand for your extension pole, no disposable replacement refills to trash
  • - EXTRA BONUS Valuable information and tips without registration are always available to you in your package & we email to enable you to get the most from your purchase and protect your investment! Free shipping with Amazon Prime
  • - A PERFECT PREMIUM TOOL for action or gifts. An accessory for cleaner house, office. Better quality than mops, feathers, lambswool, electrostatic, dry or damp dusting cloth for fans, venetian blinds, shutters, vertical wall, vent, cathedral ceilings, baseboard, table tops, appliances, delicate knick knacks, trinkets, piano. Product for men: computer, keyboard, TV, electronics, truck dashboard, automotive interiors. Select adjustable or telescopic aluminum or wood poles with handles of your choice
  • - HYPOALLERGENIC so it is safe for all to use. Success in remover pet hairs, dander, pollen, dead dust mites, dust bunnies, toxins that adhere to dust, and other allergens
Model info
  • Manufacturer: CleansGreen
  • Publisher: CleansGreen
  • PartNumber: 76
  • ProductGroup: Home
  • Amazon ASIN: B00A3CQSKG
  • EAN: 0820103236393
  • UPC: 820103236393
Size 22"x3.5"x3.5"
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