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Kiartten Vacuum Sealer vs Eshop99 Egg Mold Ring Stainless Steel

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Kiartten Vacuum Sealer

, A Fresh Food Locker for Your Kitchen. Keeps Food Fresh Up To 5X Longer. (Stainless Steel)

Eshop99 Egg Mold Ring Stainless Steel

Egg Pancake Mold Ring Kitchen Utensil for Creative Breakfast 5 Piece Set--- Round, Heart, Flower, Five-Pointed Star and Mickey Mouse Shaped Egg Mold Ring

Kiartten Vacuum Sealer
Eshop99 Egg Mold Ring Stainless Steel
Specification Spreaze
Stainless Steel
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Kiartten: A Fresh Food Locker for Your Kitchen


Model: FL1220
Machine size: 15.5*8.0*4.0 inch.
Sealing length: MAX 12.5 inch
Vacuum pressure: -0.70~-0.90 bar
AC 120V, 50Hz, 165W
Instruction"Pulse" button to control vacuum time and degree.
Optional motor speed (high / low).
Separate vacuum mode for dry and moist food.
With roll compartment and integrated safety cutting facility.
Double sealing, each wide sealing line up to 0.1 inch, prevents air leakage.
Seal only function.

1. Make sure you give the appliance time to cool down. Wait at least 20 seconds between seals. Under very heavy usage, appliance will shut off automatically to prevent overheating. If it does, wait 25 minutes to allow appliance to cool off. 2. Due to the risk of anaerobic bacteria, fresh mushrooms, onions & garlic should never be vacuum packaged. 3. All vegetables (including broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower, kale, turnips) naturally emit gases, during 4. Due to the risk of anaerobic bacteria, soft cheeses should never be vacuum packaged.
Stainless Steel Egg Pancake Mold Ring
This product is made of high-quality stainless steel.
Using steps:
1. First pour a little oil into the wok.
2. Dip a little oil on the mold and then put it into the wok.
3. Pour the eggs slowly after hot pot.
4. After modeling, slow fine fried and then flip over.

Quality Guarantee: Please purchased form Light4U. If there's any question about our product, please feel free to contact us, and we will solve it for you.
Dimensions - Width: 0 cm (0'')
Length: 0 cm (0'')
Height: 0 cm (0'')
Weight - 0.041 kg (0.09 lb)
Package Dimensions Width: 19.1 cm (7.5'')
Length: 24.9 cm (9.8'')
Height: 3.8 cm (1.5'')
Package Weight 2.976 kg (6.56 lb) 0.159 kg (0.35 lb)
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Kiartten Vacuum SealerEshop99 Egg Mold Ring Stainless Steel
  • - A Fresh Food Locker. Keeps food fresh up to 5X longer.
  • - Separate vacuum mode for Dry and Moist food.
  • - Wide sealing line up to 3mm, prevents air leakage.
  • - Double sealing and seal only functions available.
  • - Dual pump ensures more stable functions and faster vacuum speed.
  • - A variety of style: There are round shape, heart shape, flower shape, five-pointed star shape and Mickey mouse shape five different kinds of shape, you can change it everyday.
  • - Design: Sweet and romantic, cute and funny. You can make a simple DIY by yourself. Please add a layer of vegetable oil on the egg mold ring before cooking.
  • - Sweet Home: A sweet breakfast can increase little temperament and interest in daily life, and a lot of energy will throughout the whole day.
  • - Multi-purpose usages: Multi-shaped model can be used to fry eggs and pancakes, and it also can be used to cut the pizza and bread slice etc.
  • - Food Grade: Made of thickened stainless steel with Plastic handle, healthy and clean. The product is easy to clean, too. Purchased from Light4U, Quality Assurance.
Model info
  • Manufacturer: Spreaze
  • Publisher: Spreaze
  • ProductGroup: Kitchen
  • Amazon ASIN: B06ZYDPV5C
  • EAN: 0743790051035
  • UPC: 743790051035
  • Manufacturer: ShineMe
  • Publisher: ShineMe
  • ProductGroup: Kitchen
  • Amazon ASIN: B01D4FZ72S
Color Stainless Steel Silver
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