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OXO Good Grips Stainless Steel Over-the-Door

Folding Hook

Pro Chef Kitchen Tools Stainless Steel

Over the Door Purse Hanger - Bag Hook for Purses, Clothing, Organize Jewelry, Dry Laundry, Towel Rack, Hair Dryer Storage Holder in Bathroom, Cubicle Coats

Stainless Steel Kitchen Bowl Large 3.5

Quart Capacity for Mixing, Salads, Baking, BBQ by Pro Chef Kitchen Tools

OXO Good Grips Stainless Steel Over-the-Door
Pro Chef Kitchen Tools Stainless Steel
Stainless Steel Kitchen Bowl Large 3.5
Specification OXO Good Grips 1444180
Stainless Steel
Pro Chef Kitchen Tools Over the Door Valet Hook Solid
Stainless Steel
Pro Chef Kitchen Tools Stainless Steel Mixing Bowl
Polished Stainless Steel
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OXO Good Grips Stainless Steel Valet:

The OXO Good Grips Over-The-Door Foldaway Valet can transform to meet your needs. The single hook flips down into a Valet to fit multiple hangers and flips back up when you only need one hook. The non-slip hooks grip items securely, making the single hook perfect for bathrobes, towels or jackets. The flexible opening automatically adjusts to all door sizes and the non-skid surface won’t damage your doors. This versatile Foldaway Valet is great for bathroom, closet, laundry room, mud room, pantry, dorm and more.

OXO Good Grips Stainless Steel Valet

It’s the Little Things:

At OXO, we consistently develop products that address even the tiniest of pet peeves, because we know it’s the little things that make the biggest difference. When the single hook is flipped down into a valet, not only does it fit multiple hangers, but we included non-slip dividers to provide spacing between hanging items for extra organization.

Features & Benefits:

  • Adjustable:
  • Single hook converts to Valet to fit multiple hangers

  • Perfect fit:
  • Opening automatically adjusts to fit a variety of door sizes

  • Secure:
  • Non-slip hooks grip items to prevent them from falling

  • Construction:
  • Valet made of stainless steel

  • Versatile:
  • Great for bathroom, closet, laundry room, mud room, pantry, dorm and more

    Good Tip:

    To extend the life of your clothes, make sure that pants and shirts are unbuttoned to reduce the stress on the buttons and buttonholes

    OXO is dedicated to providing innovative consumer products that make everyday living easier.

    How do we do it?

    We study people – lefties and righties, male and female, young and old – interacting with products and identify ways to make them better. Our “question everything” process and relentless attention to detail uncover the best solutions for slicing, peeling, whisking, baking, stirring, washing, scrubbing, dusting, storing and organizing.

    HANGER BAG hooks are an intelligent grandma recommended way to store all your purses and bags

    PURSE HANGER HOOK lets you neatly store all your handbags whilst being space-efficient

    OVER THE DOOR VALET is a multipurpose purse hanger that can be utilized for almost anything

    HANGER VALET has a unique look and is beautifully machine finished to match any home décor

    PURSE HANGER ORGANIZER requires no tools to be installed, and does not damage your door

    This is no ordinary stainless steel salad mixing bowl! Designed to replace a set of bowls, this multi-purpose bowl will not disappoint even the harshest critic. It's bowl you will only see in your favorite restaurant kitchen TV shows. Built tough like a Brodie helmet but of course the kitchen isn't a place for combat unless you are the starring chef in one of Gordon Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares worst episodes. A metal bowl will bounce not break when tossed aside by an angry child or spouse.

    What makes this kitchen bowl extraordinary? Over the top professional quality and a removable base. The base can be easily glued to the bowl if preferred in a home kitchen. It is removable to make the mixing bowl comfortable to hold in your arms for extended periods while working. It is removable to meet restaurant health standards where food residue can not find hiding spots from the dishwasher. The inside is fully polished for exactly the same reason. It is the perfect gift for the clean freak you know. If it is good enough for even the commercial kitchen inspector, then it is good enough for everyone else.

    Don't want to hold the bowl in your arms for a long time (unless you are eating popcorn), then the base will grip it on the counter at any angle making it perfect for a wide range of users from children mixing up a batter of cookie dough to a pastry chef on the move.

    The adjustable base of the bowl makes for the perfect fruit bowl or wine chilling ice bucket and can be positioned as a center piece exactly how you want.

    Pasta lovers will reach for this bowl every time it comes to making a pot of spaghetti. At a wide 9" across the top you can't miss emptying the colander of drained noodles. The curved bottom allows you to thoroughly mix in the sauce or easily mix in salad dressings. Balanced and the perfect height to width ratio makes it stable and space saving.

    This is the bowl competitors fear!

    Dimensions Width: 7.7 cm (3.05'')
    Length: 3.9 cm (1.55'')
    Height: 25 cm (9.85'')
    - Width: 15.2 cm (6'')
    Length: 28.2 cm (11.1'')
    Height: 28.2 cm (11.1'')
    Weight 0.005 kg (0.01 lb) - 0.816 kg (1.8 lb)
    Package Dimensions Width: 8.2 cm (3.23'')
    Length: 24.8 cm (9.76'')
    Height: 4.2 cm (1.65'')
    Width: 28.2 cm (11.1'')
    Length: 28.6 cm (11.26'')
    Height: 15 cm (5.91'')
    Package Weight 0.181 kg (0.4 lb) 0.181 kg (0.4 lb) 0.953 kg (2.1 lb)
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    OXO Good Grips Stainless Steel Over-the-DoorPro Chef Kitchen Tools Stainless SteelStainless Steel Kitchen Bowl Large 3.5
    • - Single Hook flips down into a valet-style hook to fit multiple hangers when needed
    • - Flexible opening automatically adjusts to all door sizes
    • - Soft, non-skid surface protects doors and non-slip Hook grips items securely
    • - Stainless steel construction
    • - Great for bathroom, closet, laundry room, mud room, pantry, dorm and more
    • - This universal over-the-door hanger is great for use as a purse hanger, valet hook, or organizer. Made of quality material, many bags can hang on it. It streamlines storage and enables bags to be stored in rooms with limited space. Keep your handbags and purses organized together with a well-made purse hanger. Its simple design will help keep bags clean and protect designer handbag investments.
    • - Take the valet hook anywhere! It stays folded up when not in use. Traveling with your purse and clothing? Hang this hook in a hotel room to keep items organized and forget those pesky anti-theft hangers. The hook makes unpacking and repacking quick and easy. Its lightweight construction and compact design means that you can throw it in a bag and bring it on the go.
    • - The hanger features metal notches that can serve as a valet hanger for garments and turn any room in your home into a dressing room and storage area. Use multiple hooks as a closet solution for rooms in the home that lack a traditional closet area to store items. It keeps hanging garments, dry cleaning, and accessories from getting wrinkled or dirty by lifting them off the floor. The angle of the hook can be used for steaming clothes too!
    • - Start or complete a closet organization project by hanging a valet hook on your closet or wardrobe door. Hang belts and other accessories to have everything you need at your fingertips. The door hook also provides ready access to frequently worn items like jackets or robes. Eliminate clutter on your bed or couch in favor of hanging the items you wear the most. A valet hook is a fantastic gift idea
    • - ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT OR WE'LL GIVE YOU A FULL REFUND! Try it today and buy with confidence with our simple, hassle-free, no-questions-asked 100% MONEY BACK SATISFACTION GUARANTEE! If for any reason you aren't happy we will immediatly refund your full purchase price. Tough durable construction and fine workmanship details are confidently backed by the manufacturer's risk-free LIFETIME REPLACEMENT WARRANTY that covers any defects when purchased from authorized resellers.
    • - AMAZING BOWL IS MORE THAN A KITCHEN BOWL - primarily used as a mixing bowl, customers have found wide range of uses for this multipurpose bowl from using it as a salad bowl (perfect for a family of 4), a beautiful fruit bowl to display center pieces, outdoor living bowl to serve picnic salads, popcorn bowl to curl up with on the couch or bed,...the uses you will find for this superior bowl are endless. You will not be satisfied with just one of these bowls in your home.
    • - WHY IS IT AMAZING? The removable base is the secret to it's multi purpose use. It is a mixing bowl designed by professional chefs to hold in their arms. Pastry chefs require a smooth round bottom for getting everything completely mixed which is impossible to do in flat bottom bowls. Look at the bottom of a Kitchen Aid Stand mixer - the bottom is curved not flat and that's the same reason why you will want to choose this bowl. Don't be fooled by multi-piece, nesting flat bottom mixing bowls
    • - WHAT IF I DON'T FIND IT AMAZING? If the polished inside shines too bright or you don't like your reflection, the bowl weight is too heavy, the finish is too smooth, the size isn't useful (it's not a great sugar bowl); no matter what the concern, the manufacturer stands behind it 100% and guarantees that when you open the box, you will regret not buying a second or third one. When given for a gift, it won't get re-gifted. Good luck getting it returned after the next pot luck that you take it to
    • - HOW WAS THIS BOWL MADE? It is based off an old factory mold that was ahead of it's time design-wise and back when the cost of stainless steel was cheap and plentiful. It can't be made any thicker. Back when shipping heavy bowls didn't cost an arm and a leg in postage or courier fees. It was designed in an era when people bought kitchen bowls to last a lifetime. Look in your grandma's bowl cupboard! That's right, every grandma had a cupboard full of bowls. Not so common any more
    • - WHY LIMITED EDITION BOWLS? You will soon see why when you open the box. Stock is available now and you don't miss the opportunity to stock up when you have the chance. It's a keeper and forget about it finding them in department stores like Walmart and equally difficult to find online. It is expensive to make and costly to ship. With increasing production costs and rising shipping rates, it has become a limited edition item which is no longer feasible to continue making
    Model info
    • Manufacturer: OXO Cook's Tools
    • Publisher: OXO Cook's Tools
    • PartNumber: 1444180
    • ProductGroup: Home
    • Amazon ASIN: B00C6A475Q
    • EAN: 0719812034416
    • UPC: 719812034416
    • Manufacturer: Pro Chef Kitchen Tools
    • Publisher: Pro Chef Kitchen Tools
    • PartNumber: Over the Door Valet Hook Solid
    • ProductGroup: Home
    • Amazon ASIN: B01KKG71DC
    • EAN: 0616175373957
    • UPC: 616175373957
    • Manufacturer: Pro Chef Kitchen Tools
    • Publisher: Pro Chef Kitchen Tools
    • PartNumber: Stainless Steel Mixing Bowl
    • ProductGroup: Kitchen
    • Amazon ASIN: B01KJACLES
    • EAN: 0616175373599
    • UPC: 616175373599
    Color Stainless Steel Stainless Steel Polished Stainless Steel
    Size 1/2" x 2-3/4" x 12-1/2" h Solid Mixing Bowl with Whisk
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