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Pro Mighty Hanger | The Sturdiest

Pro Mighty Hanger | The Sturdiest

Pro Mighty Hanger | The Sturdiest Cloth Hangers With ABS Body Non-slip TPE and Stainless Steel Hook | Completely Anti Lint and Hypoallergenic | Super Ergonomic Slim Design with Unique S Shape | Vibrant Blue | 1.5

Specification Pro Mighty Hanger
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Pro Mighty Hanger(TM)

The Pro Mighty Hanger is easily the best solution to your clothing storage needs. Each pack of 10 offers you a revolutionary set of streamlined hangers that are lightweight and impressively thin. The hangers will save space, and save your time by eliminating the need for ironing. This is because the Pro Mighty Hangers will keep your clothes wrinkle free, and won't stretch your collars either!

The hangers are made from a combination of incredibly strong, incredibly durable ABS, TPE, and stainless steel hook that are resistant to various conditions and treatments. This means that once you buy your Pro Mighty Hangers(TM), you'll use them for years to come! The product also features a light, thin body with a unique S shaped top and a striking assortment of white and blue strips.

So what are you waiting for? Buy yours now and enjoy the benefits of advanced clothing storage!

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Dimensions Width: 7.6 cm (3'')
Length: 35.3 cm (13.9'')
Height: 41.1 cm (16.2'')
Weight 0.862 kg (1.9 lb)
Package Dimensions Width: 35.3 cm (13.9'')
Length: 41.1 cm (16.2'')
Height: 7.6 cm (3'')
Package Weight 0.885 kg (1.95 lb)
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Pro Mighty Hanger | The Sturdiest
  • - Ultimate Space-saving Solution with Unique 'S' Shape : Protect your clothes and never again leave them strewn on the floor with your very own Pro Mighty Hanger(TM)! The product features a light, thin body with a unique S shaped top and a striking assortment of white and blue strips. Pro Mighty Hanger(TM) will save space, making your closet look spacious and neat.
  • - Super Efficient to Keep Clothes Wrinkle-free : The Pro Mighty Hanger(TM) doesn't stretch collars, is gentle on fabrics and ensures that clothing keeps its shape, wrinkle-free. The Hanger keeps your clothes looking new and can hold virtually any garment including ties, scarves, belts and etc. Dress to impress every day.
  • - Extremely Sturdy ABS, TPE and Stainless Steel : The Pro Mighty Hanger(TM) made of ABS body, a TPE blue line and a stainless steel hook. This combination of revolutionary and highly advanced materials makes this product a very sturdy and highly durable product for years of use. It is strong enough to handle the weight of your clothes from the thinnest t-shirt to the heaviest winter coat you own.
  • - Completely Lint-free and Hypoallergenic : Unlike most hangers, Pro Mighty Hanger (TM) will never gather lint dust on its surface. Your garments will always be clean while not triggering any allergic reaction on your skin.
  • - Get Your Special Set of 10 Hangers Now : Each order consists of 10 hangers. Buy your very own Pro Mighty Hanger(TM) today and enjoy the benefits of your personalized storage solution. [TAGS: clothes hangers, clothing hangers, clothes hangers space saving, retractable clothes hangers, thin clothes hangers, best clothes hangers]
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  • Manufacturer: Pro Mighty Hanger
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Color Blue
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