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Stainless Steel $20-30

Stainless Steel Kitchen Tool Set 6

Stainless Steel Kitchen Tool Set 6 Pieces by Pro Chef Kitchen Tools

C-Cup Stainless Steel Pour Over Coffee

C-Cup Stainless Steel Pour Over Coffee Dripper with Removable Cup Stand And Scoop - Up to 4 Cups

Stainless Steel Cooking & Serving Utensil

Stainless Steel Cooking & Serving Utensil Set - 7 Piece Kitchen Utensils Set | Countertop Utensil Holder | Spoon, Spatula, Skimmer, Soup Ladle, Potato Masher, Slotted Spatula

Specification Pro Chef Kitchen Tools Stainless Steel Kitchen Tool Set
Polished Stainless Steel
Neet SST-700
Stainless Steel
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Amazon price n.a.
This unique stainless steel six-piece kitchen utensil set features six incredibly useful and commonly utilized utensils necessary for cooking. A set consists of a skimmer, spoon, slotted turner, pasta fork, soup ladle and turner. It's a convenient set consisting of many required essentials for your everyday cookware needs. Additionally, all six kitchen tools particularly possess a handle hole for easy hanging on any utensil holder.

Our remarkable cooking utensil set is absolutely beautiful and fits perfectly in every kitchen. The shiny stainless steel finish is striking and adds a classy touch. Consequently, our elegant cookware set usually has a luxurious feel. Regardless of its location, your shiny cooking set will easily grab people's attention immediately

Each kitchen utensil is remarkably solid and brilliantly manufactured from the highest grade of FDA-approved stainless steel. Accordingly, our cooking tools won't bend, rust, melt, dent or crack. Furthermore, absence of a usual plastic handle implies that melting or handle displacement isn't of concern. Consequently, in matters relating to durability, sturdiness, and longevity, our product is simply peerless.

The utensils are easily stored and completely dishwasher safe for proper maintenance. They're odorless and clean pretty nicely. Their long thick handles feel nice and allow a firm grip that passively promotes enjoyable cooking. They're efficiently designed and highly hygienic, bearing absolutely no cracks for dirt accumulation. The utensils don't scratch usual pots and pans. Notwithstanding, take caution when using stainless steel utensils with coated non-stick cookware like Teflon.


RETAIN ALL THE FLAVOR from your coffee dripper without using taste robbing paper filters. Reusable and permanent. Say good bye to paper filter.

Whether you call it by-the-cup, hand-brewed, or manually brewed, this coffee dripper charmed experience by pouring water over coffee into a cone, you're making a "pour over" system - a flavorful, clean-tasting way to express the qualities of drip coffee (that hold myriad subtle and fanciful flavors that can get lost in the concentration of espresso, or the sludge of a French press, or the uneven extraction of most automatic dripper machines.)


►Your cup is fresh

Coffee brewed by-the-cup is fresh. You brew it just enough to drink it. No heating element equipment, cool off on the counter, or even dare to cast an askance glance at your microwave hours later. You grind your beans fresh, pour just as much as you want to drink, and consume it promptly.

►Aromatic experience

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★ Neet® 6 Piece FDA Approved High Quality Stainless Steel Set Cooking & Serving Set ★

★ All Our Neet® Products are back with 100% Money Back Guarantee if you are not 100% satisfied! ★

About Our Unique Product:

Our 7 Piece Stainless Steel Utensils sets itself apart from all other utensils sets with its highest standard grade
stainless steel witch ensures a very long lifespan without any rusting, chipping or any deformation.
Our sets versatile variety of utensils was intelligently chosen to tackle almost all your cooking and serving needs.
Included is the utensil holder to keep your utensils together neatly without hoarding your drawers & countertop

Whats Included?

★ Solid Spoon
★ Solid Ladle
★ Slotted Skimmer
★ Slotted Spatula
★ Wok Spatula
★ Potato Masher
★ Utensil Holder/Organizer

★ Risk Free Hassle Free! ★

We strive to provide the highest quality, extraordinary customer service and
the most competitive pricing on the market. If you are not 100% happy with
our product we will be happy to refund 100% of your money back!
100% No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee!
Dimensions - Width: 12.7 cm (5'')
Length: 10.2 cm (4'')
Height: 12.7 cm (5'')
Width: 15.2 cm (6'')
Length: 40.6 cm (16'')
Height: 15.2 cm (6'')
Weight - 0.272 kg (0.6 lb) n.a.
Package Dimensions Width: 13.2 cm (5.2'')
Length: 13.5 cm (5.3'')
Height: 10.4 cm (4.1'')
Width: 15.2 cm (6'')
Length: 40.9 cm (16.1'')
Height: 15 cm (5.9'')
Package Weight 1.588 kg (3.5 lb) 0.272 kg (0.6 lb) 1.179 kg (2.6 lb)
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Stainless Steel Kitchen Tool Set 6 C-Cup Stainless Steel Pour Over Coffee Stainless Steel Cooking & Serving Utensil
  • - This convenient 6-piece kitchen utensil set includes everything you need for cooking and serving. They are very functional and look great on any kitchen counter, holder or tool bar. It looks elegant and matches very well with every kitchen design from modern to traditional styles. It is a convenient set with all the essentials that are required for your cookware needs. Additional matching tools and stands are available to expand your set in the future.
  • - If you have been searching high and low for a kitchen utensil set that not only possesses all the functionality you need, but that does't clash with your existing decor, then your search is over! With six expertly developed utensils, each with a niche all of its own, the days of scrambling around in the draw are long gone. With matching items and additional stands available separately, what better time to begin building your collection than today.
  • - Stainless steel kitchen utensils are the perfect gift for the cook in your life. Tools are easy to clean and store with the large handle opening for hooks. Each tool is carefully crafted to fulfil their purpose from commercial restaurant kitchens to the home chef with minimum effort from the user. An excellent choice for anyone who loves to entertain because it will help you cook food and recipes from around the world without any difficulty.
  • - All tools have a hole in the handle for easy hanging on any existing utensil holder bar or with S hooks. Safely use with any pots or pans but care needs to be taken with coated non-stick cookware like Teflon. Cooking utensil set is sturdy and smooth. The tools will not bend. They won't chip, crack, dent or rust. The utensils are completely dishwasher safe for proper care and maintenance.
  • - These kitchen tools are made of the very best of food-grade stainless high grade steel which ensures their durability. Their firm grip allow enjoyable cooking. The handles are long and thick. Efficiently designed and hygienic with no cracks for dirt or water to get in or gather. They have a luxurious feel to them. These comfortable tools make your cooking fun and easier all day long.
  • - THIS COFFEE DRIPPER has thicker stainless steel that won't warp unlike other pour over coffee dripper. DOUBLE LAYER STRAINER DRIP - Strong outer filter, Fine Mesh Inner Filter to keep all the grounds from your cup. QUALITY FOOD GRADE 304 STAINLESS STEEL. BPA Free. Finest and most durable that meets FDA standard. There are ways to save money on manufacturing stainless steel but 304 is the BEST for items that handle food. Heat resistant, Corrosion resistant, Rust resistant, Dish Washer safe.
  • - INDUSTRIAL STANDARD spot welding (not bolted, hammered or glued) for kitchen utensils to produce firm joint, no black coating and no oxidation. It will not fall off after usage.
  • - LARGE Size Pour Over Coffee Dripper Set. Choice to brew ONE single cup OR remove the cup stand to use with pots or carafe. Up to 4 cups.
  • - FITS MOST branded coffee carafes including the 6, 8 and 10 cup Chemex® Coffee makers and Hario V60 02 and 03 drippers and replace your paper filters.
  • - PORTABLE CONE BREWER KIT - make coffee anywhere with hot water such as camp fire or heat up hot water in microwave and produce your own brew. ECO FRIENDLY - Paperless, Reusable, Quick Rinse and re-use again.
  • - ★ LASTING QUALITY: Hand Crafted With 100% Solid Stainless Steel. Our utensils are crafted with only one material and has 0% additives!
  • - ★ LIFETIME GUARANTEE: We are confident you will love our cooking utensils, If not you may return them for 100% money back guarantee, Risk Free Purchase!
  • - ★ VERSATILE USAGE: Add a unique and stylish touch to your home and kitchen with the modern stainless steel look, you can use these utensils for cooking in your kitchen or serving your masterpieces!
  • - ★ IDEAL MATERIAL: No more melting plastic, rusting metal, toxic materials! Our Utensils are safe on your cookware, safe for your health and will not have to be replaced for years on end!
  • - ★ SPREAD THE LOVE: Our unique kitchen cooking set is the perfect and most affordable gift you can share with your loved ones for any occasion, Hey we all love eating!
Model info
  • Manufacturer: Pro Chef Kitchen Tools
  • Publisher: Pro Chef Kitchen Tools
  • PartNumber: Stainless Steel Kitchen Tool Set
  • ProductGroup: Kitchen
  • Amazon ASIN: B01KJCNHEO
  • EAN: 0616175373780
  • UPC: 616175373780
  • Manufacturer: C-Cup
  • Publisher: C-Cup
  • PartNumber: CECOMINOD054193
  • ProductGroup: Kitchen
  • Amazon ASIN: B01N3Z268B
  • EAN: 0640841691113
  • UPC: 640841691113
  • Manufacturer: Neet®
  • Publisher: Neet®
  • PartNumber: SST-700
  • ProductGroup: Kitchen
  • Amazon ASIN: B016AZC36M
  • EAN: 0712131663213
  • UPC: 712131663213
Color Polished Stainless Steel Silver Stainless Steel
Size Six Piece Kitchen Tool Set - -

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