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Stainless Steel Drink Coaster Set - vs Rack It Up Corner Shelf Wall

Stainless Steel Drink Coaster Set -

Stainless Steel Drink Coaster Set - Prevent Stains and Scratches with 6 Round Table Coasters for Glasses, Bar Drinks, Mugs, Coffee Cups, Tea, Wine, Beverages by Pro Chef Kitchen Tools

Rack It Up Corner Shelf Wall

Rack It Up Corner Shelf Wall Pot Rack, Steel Gray

Specification Pro Chef Kitchen Tools Stainless Steel Coaster Set 6 Round
Stainless Steel
Enclume MPS-18 GY
Grey Powder Coat
Best Price
Seeing your prized furniture blemished by an unsightly ring stain is every homeowner's worst nightmare. They take endless hours of cleaning to remove, and yet still your surface never seems to fully recover its former glory. A set of 6 round stainless steel coasters is the solution your home has been looking for. With plenty of options when it comes to how to use them, all you need to decide is whether to use them as table coasters, wine coasters in the lounge, or both.

Sometimes in life you realize that it is the simple things that make all the difference. No afternoon relaxation session would be complete without a set of beer coasters by your side. They may not seem like it, but try and enjoy your free time without a set of stainless steel drink coasters and it will only be a matter of time before you are left frustrated and annoyed as you spend what seems like an eternity cleaning all manner of stains and spillages.

We all love to sip a hot drink on a cold winter morning. Now with your very own set of cup coasters the task of warming yourself up before you venture outside will be easier than ever. By having an entire set of round glass coasters to hand at all times, you will never have to search for your coffee coasters again. Ideal for enjoying the taste and caffeine boost of every mouthful as you get ready for the excitement that awaits you.

TEA COASTER has high heat-resistance to insure the ability to hold all of your hot without any issues

WINE COASTERS are a perfect partner to your glass of relaxation on those special nights

BEER COASTERS are perfect match for any daily life since they're dishwasher safe and rust proof

TABLE COASTERS are beautiful hand crafted from stainless steel and come with a storage box

BAR COASTERS are lightweight and unbreakable and will last you a lifetime

COASTERS FOR DRINKS protects tables from drips and condensation from beverages

MPS 18 PC Rack It Up! Corner Shelf Rack in Gray Powder Coat Finish. With this compact little rack you can convert that open corner into an attractive storage and display center. Keep your kitchen accessories organized and convenient so you can spend less time fighting with your kitchen and more time loving it. It's constructed of durable steel with a thick "simulated hammered steel" powder coat finish ensuring good looks and long life. Can be painted to match ceiling color or any decor. Comes with 8 hooks. This rack can be mounted with lag screws into studs, or with toggle bolts into plasterboard or drywall walls. Includes hardware necessary for assembly and installation. 5 year Limited Warranty. Made in China, packed in the USA. Shipping Weight: 4 lbs. Dimensions: 13" L x 13" W x 5" H.
Dimensions - Width: 33 cm (13'')
Length: 33 cm (13'')
Height: 12.7 cm (5'')
Weight - 1.814 kg (4 lb)
Package Dimensions Width: 36.8 cm (14.5'')
Length: 36.8 cm (14.5'')
Height: 6.4 cm (2.5'')
Package Weight 0.581 kg (1.28 lb) 2.087 kg (4.6 lb)
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Stainless Steel Drink Coaster Set - Rack It Up Corner Shelf Wall
  • - Keeping your home looking immaculate is all about adding those small touches. To prevent ring stains on any surface, a set of contemporary stainless steel drink coasters will be at the top of anyone's list. Next time you set the family dining table, be sure to include the glass coasters, and say goodbye to hours spent trying to polish out those troublesome stains and marks. With a rack of coasters for drinks in your kitchen, you will be able to keep the spotless home you have always wanted.
  • - Round glass coasters shouldn't be limited only to the dining table. If you have friends over for a coffee morning and catch up, just reach for your new coffee coasters, and place them with pride on the coffee table or breakfast bar. Designed to add some contemporary flair and style to any home, this is one set of cup coasters that will add the finishing touches to any room or surface where you need their services.
  • - If you are setting the table for a late evening meal with friends, the last thing you want to have to worry about are glasses of beer leaving marks you have to polish for hours to get rid of the next morning. With a convenient set of stylish beer coasters, those worries will be no more. Simply add to the existing table decorations, and your table coasters will do the rest as you enjoy good company for the evening.
  • - Enjoying your home is all about being able to relax in the evenings after a long day. A set of wine coasters make the perfect companion for a soothing bottle of wine that provides the perfect relaxing end to the day. To save you having to get up, always keep a couple of bar coasters in the rooms where you like to relax and unwind. That way you can make sure that you never have to disturb your rest once it begins.
  • - Get your pots and pans out of the drawer and up on the wall where you can easily reach them when cooking; conveniently mounts as a kitchen corner shelf and pot rack
  • - Fast, easy installation with exclusive Enclume "Toggler" anchors; install kitchen pot rack directly in wall without joists or studs to hold hundreds of pounds
  • - This kitchen storage rack weighs 4 pounds; lightweight and versatile kitchen organization solution for cookware and kitchen utensil storage
  • - Kitchen organizer measures 13 inches long by 13 inches deep by 5 inches high; includes 8 matching angled pot hooks by Enclume
  • - Enclume products are expertly handcrafted; hammered steel finish looks good in any home kitchen
Model info
  • Manufacturer: Pro Chef Kitchen Tools
  • Publisher: Pro Chef Kitchen Tools
  • PartNumber: Stainless Steel Coaster Set 6 Round
  • ProductGroup: Kitchen
  • Amazon ASIN: B01KKDFTSE
  • EAN: 0616175373834
  • UPC: 616175373834
  • Manufacturer: Enclume
  • Publisher: Enclume
  • PartNumber: MPS-18 GY
  • ProductGroup: Kitchen
  • Amazon ASIN: B008S7Q08S
  • EAN: 0606155008450
  • UPC: 606155008450
Color Stainless Steel Grey Powder Coat
Size Round Set 6 Medium
Stainless Steel Drink Coaster Set - Rack It Up Corner Shelf Wall
Shipping FREE Shipping
Sold By Amazon.com
Color Grey Powder Coat
Item Dimensions 13 x 13 x 5 in
Material Type Steel

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