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Mr. Pipik- Dark and Handsome vs Pro Chef Kitchen Tools Stainless Steel

Mr. Pipik- Dark and Handsome

Mr. Pipik- Dark and Handsome, Cute Funny Gag-Gift Ring and Jewelry Holder - Perfect Gift For Bachelorette Parties

Pro Chef Kitchen Tools Stainless Steel

Pro Chef Kitchen Tools Stainless Steel Microfiber Cleaning Cloth - 3 Pack Polishing Cloths for Streak Free Glass, Cleaner Sinks, Polished Glasses, Shiny Appliances

Specification PIPIK
Pro Chef Kitchen Tools MFSSC003
Best Price
★ Get Mr. Pipik Hold Your Valuable Jewelry On The Most Hottest Way ★

❤ He's Adorable, Cute and Super Gentleman ❤

Mr. Pipik is the best jewelry holder in your room. This guy will do anything to keep you satisfied when you really need to. Standing 6.1" inches tall, his small stature will cause a big reaction. He will be sure to have even the stuffiest of your company in stitches in no time!!!
What better way to break the ice or start the party than to incite a full blown laugh riot?

➢ Crafted with Love

Mr. Pipik is meticulously crafted, his sculpted muscles and stunning "main thing" will make you the worldliest guest blush! Even down to his confidently flirtatious facial expression, every detail is well articulated. Made of quality poly resin, Mr. Pipik is built to last! He is confident to diligently store your precious jewelry for years.

➢ The Best Gift for Your Best Friend

Mr. Pipik will be an ultimate dying gift for that bashful friend you know. Invite those comic friends to enjoy a fun evening time giving this handsome man as a gift for a Birthday, Valentine's Christmas, Bachelorette Party and any occasion you think is perfect. Mr Pipik comes in a beautiful packaging and can also be given as a gift for a funny wife, girlfriend, Mother-in-law on Mother's day.

➢ What Are You Waiting For? Order Now and get this little man busy holding your fashionable jewelry at home. You will not regret investing in a super gentleman that will be your primary jewelry holder for yourself.

Click the Add To Cart Button Now and get Mr. Pipik before he's runs out TODAY!
The industrial grade Pro Chef Kitchen Tools Microfiber Cloths are a microfiber towel that is ideal for every job from window leaning to polishing your stainless steel appliances. This cloth is essential tool for any kitchen, garage, or business. For shiny surfaces it cleans smears and dusts leaving nothing but a shiny surface behind. From windows to appliances, vehicles to rims, office desks to computer screens, Pro Chef will create a shiny finish and ensure your subject looks as clean and shiny as it was on day 1. The performance and versatility of cutting edge microfiber technology is a big jump beyond the old towels and drying cloths of the past. Millions of tiny fibers embedded in a microfiber cloth grab and hold dust and dirt like no product that has come before it. Microfiber is so effective, it even cleans without chemicals, saving both time and money. Our microfiber cloths are ultra gentle and thus are safe to use for all surfaces, even on high precision camera lenses. The variety of uses of these microfiber cloths are limitless. With the click of a button on the top of this page to have your order rushed straight to your door. CLEANING CLOTH are ideal for for washing, drying, waxing and polishing in and outside your home STAINLESS STEEL POLISH cloths are effective both under wet and dry cleaning conditions DUST CLOTH that withstands hundreds of washes and continues to perform STAINLESS STEEL WIPES that are softer, finer and absorbs up to 10 times its weight in liquid STAINLESS STEEL APPLIANCE CLEANER with no need for chemicals or paper towels. Easy to use
Dimensions Width: 11.2 cm (4.4'')
Length: 11.2 cm (4.4'')
Height: 19.1 cm (7.5'')
Weight 0.227 kg (0.5 lb) -
Package Dimensions Width: 11.2 cm (4.4'')
Length: 19.1 cm (7.5'')
Height: 11.2 cm (4.4'')
Package Weight 0.227 kg (0.5 lb) 0.159 kg (0.35 lb)
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Mr. Pipik- Dark and Handsome Pro Chef Kitchen Tools Stainless Steel
  • - DISPLAY YOUR JEWELRY ON A SEXY WAY - Mr Pipik is a fun muscular gag-gift ring holder thaT hold your rings where you can easily see and grab them. This little handsome guy is made to intrigue the ladies and keep him on the spotlight to place earrings, bracelets or rings easily and fast on his bold stick
  • - MR CHOCOLATE IS AWESOME - Mr. Pipik is perfect decoration on your dresser or room. He is about 6" inches tall and his weiner is about as long as his legs. This real man jewelry holder will hold all your valuable jewels on a very uncommon way you've never thought, because he's thinking that you need to grab your jewelry easily and quickly when you need it
  • - UNUSUAL HOLDER DESIGN - Mr Pipik is the only gentleman man that will proudly hold your fancy bracelets, earrings or rings on his chocolate pipe. Also not only will he hold your stuff on his stick but on his shoulders as well
  • - IMPRESSIVE GIFT - We bet your friend will laugh so hard when she receives Mr. Pipik as a present gift. Give this comical jewelry holder as a gag gift who has that type of humor, birthday, Valentine's, Christmas, bachelorette party or any other fun occasion
  • - 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED! We are confident that you will love your chocolate handsome man Mr. Pipik as much as we do. He will put a smile on your face every time you see him standing there, but if you are not satisfied, our products are always backed by 100% Money Back No Question Asked Guaranteed!
  • - Keeping your house looking pristine is something that we all strive for. Unfortunately it can feel like an uphill struggle, that is until now. Armed with an effective microfiber cleaning cloth, you will be able to wave goodbye to stains and streaks. A microfiber polishing cloth is something no house proud cleaner should be without, and it serves as the ideal multi-purpose cleaning accessory to clean glass, stainless steel, and just about any other surface you need.
  • - The easy to use stainless steel sink cleaner: your new cloth will have you wiping away streaks and watermarks in one smooth and easy action. No matter where in the house your cleaning duties take you, applying a thorough stainless steel polish has never required less effort, and yielded such dazzling results at the same time. All from a natural stainless steel cleaner that doesn't leave odors in the home for hours afterwards like spray on cleaners and polishes.
  • - Suitable for more than just polishing metal, use the microfiber cloth for glasses in kitchen to leave your best wine glasses sparkling for the next Sunday meal with friends and family. Simply pick up your glass, and gently polish with the microfiber glass cleaning cloth to remove streaks and watermarks in just a few seconds. Available individually or in packs, always make sure to keep a spare glass cleaning cloth in the kitchen drawer for when you need to add some sparkle to your kitchen.
  • - As well your precious wine glasses, you can use your new purchase as your go-to glasses cleaning cloth. Made from durable material that will last for years, every cloth is designed to give even the most delicate of surfaces a thorough clean without causing damage. Next time you need to remove some smudges and smears from your glasses, simply reach for your streak free microfiber cloth, and make them as good as new in seconds.
  • - POLISHING STAINLESS STEEL has never been easier. No chemicals, no streaks, no worries
Model info
  • Manufacturer: PIPIK
  • Publisher: PIPIK
  • ProductGroup: Home
  • Amazon ASIN: B01KGM6PBO
  • EAN: 0707137963955
  • UPC: 707137963955
  • Manufacturer: Pro Chef Kitchen Tools
  • Publisher: Pro Chef Kitchen Tools
  • PartNumber: MFSSC003
  • ProductGroup: Home
  • Amazon ASIN: B00OICE9FI
  • EAN: 0616175372547
  • UPC: 616175372547
Color Black Blue
Size - Pack of 3

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