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Pro Chef Kitchen Tools Stainless Steel vs Pro Chef Kitchen Tools Stainless Steel vs Red Collapsible Silicone Kitchen Funnel For

Pro Chef Kitchen Tools Stainless Steel

Pro Chef Kitchen Tools Stainless Steel Magnetic Spice Rack - 5 Piece Set With Vertical Metal Stand

Pro Chef Kitchen Tools Stainless Steel

Pro Chef Kitchen Tools Stainless Steel Funnel Set - 4 Sizes with Removable Strainers

Red Collapsible Silicone Kitchen Funnel For

Red Collapsible Silicone Kitchen Funnel For Liquid and Dry Spice or Powdered Product (RED)

Specification Pro Chef Kitchen Tools Magnetic Storage Tin Set 5
Stainless Steel
Pro Chef Kitchen Tools Stainless Steel Funnel Set
Polished Stainless Steel
SBB Midwest Co COMINHKPR141783 N4MS3CA
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These Pro Chef Kitchen Tools magnetic spice tins with rack stand holder are a practical and attractive way to save space in your kitchen. These handy storage containers have a magnetic backing, so they will attach tightly to any flat metal surface, including most appliance and refrigerator doors. These magnetic tins hold up to two and half ounces of your favorite spices. The containers feature transparent lids for easy identification of contents and give you a clear view of the contents so you'll always know what you have. Convenient sift or pour lids. This set includes five magnetic spice tins. These tins are perfect for spices, but can also be used to store a wide variety of small items.

Ultra-modern and innovative ways to get organized! Mirror finishes on canisters provide an elegant look. The set comes with 5 of the finest quality stainless-steel jars on the market. Clear top so you can see when it's time for refill. Lid features 2 pouring options for shaking and pouring. They have magnetic bottoms so they can be safely stored on the metal rack with stand or stick them onto your fridge.

Destined to be used for a lot more than just spices. Perfect size fits more than you'd think from nuts, berries, snacks, humus, tea and more. Great alternative to disposable plastic baggies. Also great for taking vitamins to work or while traveling.

Inside measurement exactly 2-1/2-inch across (diameter) by 1-1/2-inch high. Capacity approximately 2.5 ounces. Spices not included.

It may surprise you to learn that funnels are one of the most overlooked kitchen tools both by consumers and manufacturers alike. The designers at Pro Chef Kitchen Tools are chefs who understand the value and utility a good funnel set can bring to the kitchen and the household in general. With that in mind, the goal at Pro Chef Kitchen Tools was to create a funnel set that is so comprehensive and useful; it'll be the only set you'll ever need. The Pro Chef Kitchen Tools Stainless Steel Funnel Set is the culmination of that goal.

Some new chefs may be wondering what kitchen funnels can do for them in their kitchen. The truth is that kitchen funnels have a variety of useful applications that most people don't think about in their daily lives-even when they use those applications in their daily lives. For instance, did you know funnels can make baking a lot easier? Also, they're essential to the art of mixing your own essential oils. Home vintners find them crucial to the winemaking process. And those are just common examples of what you can do with kitchen funnels. There are also more creative things you can do, such as craft a volcano with your child. The possibilities funnels bring are truly endless.

To meet your many and varied funneling needs, the Pro Chef Kitchen Tools Stainless Steel Funnel Set has four funnels ranging in size from extra-large to a mini flask funnel. Large funnels are great for baking and pouring other highly viscous liquids, while mini funnels are ideal for mixing essential oils or making your own herbal tonics.

To maximize versatility, the Stainless Steel Funnel Set from Pro Chef Kitchen Tools come with strainers; with funnel strainers, you can do things like reserve grease or gravy with ease, limiting the risk of burning yourself.

These funnels are built to last you a lifetime which is why they're made of pure stainless steel, so that you can enjoy them for many years to come.

*Not nestable or stackable set.

Space Saving Red Silicone Kitchen Funnel By SBB Midwest Co is a great addition to your kitchen. Can be hanged by the handle or collapses for compact drawer storage.
  • Perfect to avoid mess in filling Popsicle Molds, Ice Candy Bags, Freeze Pop Mold, or Ice Pop Bags. Can be used to refill Salt/Pepper Shaker, or fill up Bottles for Travel, Picnic, Party, Biking, Hiking, Camping, or Back Packing.
  • Perfect for dried spices, condiments, sugar, salt, powdered milk, or oil. Expands to 3.5 inches tall and spout that measures a 1/2 inch opening. Will fit securely on most Bottles and Jars Opening. Constructed from a material that is cold and heat resistant.
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED.Our absolute 100% no questions asked, you'll totally love it or you get your money back guarantee.
  • Dimensions Width: 8.9 cm (3.5'')
    Length: 13.5 cm (5.3'')
    Height: 35.3 cm (13.9'')
    - -
    Weight 0.726 kg (1.6 lb) - -
    Package Dimensions Width: 13.5 cm (5.3'')
    Length: 35.3 cm (13.9'')
    Height: 8.9 cm (3.5'')
    Package Weight 0.748 kg (1.65 lb) 0.431 kg (0.95 lb) 0.045 kg (0.1 lb)
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    Pro Chef Kitchen Tools Stainless Steel Pro Chef Kitchen Tools Stainless Steel Red Collapsible Silicone Kitchen Funnel For
    • - SAVE MORE TODAY! Add to Cart to reveal today's instant rebate discount pricing from the manufacturer for authorized Amazon resellers. READY TO BE THE ROCKSTAR OF YOUR NEXT PARTY OR HOLIDAY GATHERING? Every good host or hostess knows the real secret to an unforgettable party is delicious food! Let your inspired culinary creations run wild! This durable 5 piece set of magnetic storage tins will keep your favorite spices fresh for months on end.
    • - ARTS AND CRAFTS JUST GOT MORE FUN AND LESS MESSY! Enjoy craft time with your friends and family without turning your home into a disaster zone. Whether you're making a beaded necklace or a dream catcher, keep all of your supplies organized with this sturdy magnetic tin storage set. Perfect for holding beads, glitter and any other must-have materials that are essential to your creative process. This storage tin set will fit the smallest of work spaces.
    • - SLEEK AND STYLISH DESIGN WILL LOOK GREAT IN YOUR KITCHEN! This set is designed to beautifully complement your modern stainless steel appliances. Adding a little extra shine to your kitchen never hurts. Keep your favorite spices organized by using the included storage tray, or secure individual tins to any metal surface with the magnetic bottoms. Extremely versatile, each tin is equipped with a twistable lid that pours and shakes, making them useful for a wide range of cooking applications.
    • - ORGANIZE YOUR OFFICE FOR ULTIMATE PRODUCTIVITY! A messy desk is a productivity killer. Eliminate this problem once and for all by organizing your office supplies with this stylish magnetic tin storage set. Ideal for holding paper clips, staples, tacks and any other supplies you might need. With an adjustable rack, these storage tins are designed to fit into tight spaces, so you won't have to worry about them taking over your desk. You won't have a tin left over after filling in your supplies.
    • - PRESERVE THE FRESHNESS AND TASTE OF YOUR FAVORITE SPICES! No one likes eating food with stale spices and you don't like cooking with them. These are food grade quality storage tins. Taste will be maximized in every meal you prepare. Use these storage tins for spices of all kinds: ginger, cinnamon, cayenne pepper, basil, garlic, or anything else that brings your best dishes to life. Have more than 5 spices or herbs that you use on a regular basis? Add a second set of storage tins to your order.
    • - The complete large funnel set is made from industrial grade stainless steel that not only gives the products a bright, clean finish, it also makes them durable through years of use. Thanks to high-quality materials, you can count on these funnels to deliver long-term performance and decades of convenient pouring. Make sure you have a mini funnel that will last with this fantastic set and the kitchen will be making great meals for everyone!
    • - To make handling these large funnels effortless, the three largest in this funnel set are designed with stainless steel handles, while the small flask funnel has an extending lip with a hanging hole. Easily control the funnels and never worry about spilling oils, liquids, and whatever else you might have to pour. With these handles, pouring with funnels is a simple, easy process that anyone can do!
    • - The larger units from this kitchen funnel set have a detachable strainer that makes pouring thick or chunky liquids, such as sauces or grease, more convenient. Stainers can also be removed, providing greater versatility to your kitchen. When you pour into bottles and want to make sure that none of the solids are allowed inside, this you'll be glad you ordered a steel funnel with a top-quality strainer.
    • - Cleaning the kitchen shouldn't be a hassle. Fortunately, every steel funnel in this set is completely dishwasher safe, allowing you to spend your time on more important tasks. Pass the afternoon pouring liquids, separating solids with the strainer, or using the funnel for canning and bottling; once you're done, simply add it to the dishwasher and enjoy the fruits (or maybe the juices!) of your labor!
    • - You never know what may need pouring into and out of stainless steel funnels. It may be cold beverages, or it could be hot liquids straight from the stovetop. With industrial-grade stainless steel and an intelligent design, these steel funnels can stand up to nearly anything you need to move. They will hold their useful shape for years, giving you better use, which inevitably results in delicious food!
    • - MATERIAL: Premium Quality 100% BPA Free, USDA Food Grade Approved Foldable Kitchen Funnel. Dishwasher safe, Environmentally Friendly, Non-Toxic, and Heat Safe to 230 Degrees.
    • - STURDY and COMPACT: This Portable Kitchen Funnel Collapses to medium and small size for easy storage. Fits nicely into a crowded small drawer with ease. A space saver and very easy to travel with.
    • - FLEXIBLE: Takes up minimum space and works with many different size bottles or jars openings.
    • - GREAT ADDITION TO YOUR KITCHEN: A perfect replacement for funnels that always gets hung up in the drawer. This Foldable Kitchen Funnel is sturdy and pliable that it takes up Next-To-No Space in your kitchen or kitchen drawer. Very Functional and Great Space Saver.
    • - THIS PRODUCT is exclusively sold by SBB Midwest Co.
    Model info
    • Manufacturer: Pro Chef Kitchen Tools
    • Publisher: Pro Chef Kitchen Tools
    • PartNumber: Magnetic Storage Tin Set 5
    • ProductGroup: Kitchen
    • Amazon ASIN: B01KKE41NM
    • EAN: 0616175373858
    • UPC: 616175373858
    • Manufacturer: Pro Chef Kitchen Tools
    • Publisher: Pro Chef Kitchen Tools
    • PartNumber: Stainless Steel Funnel Set
    • ProductGroup: Kitchen
    • Amazon ASIN: B01KJBGITG
    • EAN: 0616175373643
    • UPC: 616175373643
    • Manufacturer: SBB Midwest Co
    • Publisher: SBB Midwest Co
    • PartNumber: N4MS3CA
    • ProductGroup: Kitchen
    • Amazon ASIN: B01LWHQ6WI
    • EAN: 0735343086717
    • UPC: 735343086717
    Color Stainless Steel Polished Stainless Steel Red
    Size Set of 5 and Stand 4 Piece Set -
    Pro Chef Kitchen Tools Stainless Steel Pro Chef Kitchen Tools Stainless Steel Red Collapsible Silicone Kitchen Funnel For
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    Color Red

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