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Amprobe CO2-100 Handheld Carbon Dioxide Meter

<p>Instant feedback with CO2 levels, with additional temperature and humidity measurement. Built in alarm warns against dangerous CO2 levels. The ...

Amprobe products range from an extensive line of clamp meters and digital multimeters to industry-specific tools for residential/commercial electricians, HVAC/R technicians, utilities and industrial maintenance professionals. All Amprobe tools undergo rigorous testing to ensure full compliance with the latest IEC ...

- Alarm notifies operator when CO2 levels reach or exceed a preset threshold, CO2 measurement up to 9999 ppm

- Manual calibration helps ensure accurate humidity and CO2 readings

- Liquid crystal display (LCD) shows ambient CO2 levels, as well as air, wet bulb, or dew point temperature and humidity

- Handheld digital meter measures ambient level of carbon dioxide (CO2) to monitor indoor air quality and performance of heating, ventilation, ...

- Displays current CO2 levels, long-term average CO2 levels measured over an 8-hour period, and short-term average CO2 levels measured over ...

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