Black Light Fixtures

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UV Black Light

UV Black Light, Escolite 395nm Ultraviolet 10W LED Flood Light Outdoor for Blacklight Run,UV Glow Party. 1x 10w uv floodlight. ...

Specification: Weight : 1.76pounds Size: 7.2 x 7 x 1.5 inches Waterproof : IP65 Lamp Color : Black Wattage : 10 Watt Voltage : 85V-265V AC Power Cable length: 1.5m Wavelength Range: 385-400nm Wide Beam Angle : 120 ...

- Ideal for Christmas party, Halloween, night clubs, glow bar, gallery, theater, birthday party and stage Lighting.

- Durable UV lights flood light, aluminum alloy shell, lightweight and easy to install, and the best heat dispersing capability.

- Ultraviolet bright 10W UV LED black light fixture easily covers a large living room, garage or outdoor party.

- 400 nm wavelength UV black light safe to human eye or skin and make visible fluorescent materials glow in the ...

- UV flood light create stunning atmospheres at Blacklight Run and parties, works great with UV body paint and fluorescents.

7.2'' x 7'' x 1.5''
18.3 cm x 17.8 cm x 3.8 cm

0.11 lb (0.05 kg)

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UV LED Black Light Fixtures

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The way to make it works better? The ultraviolet led black light works excellent in darkest environment, especially with body paints or various fluorescent objects in the dark. the darker it is, the better it works. Coz the UV ...

- WHAT YOU GET: Leciel 6W led UV black light. our fan-favorite 2 years warranty and friendly customer service. If any ...

- SHATTER-RESISTANT: No UV bulbs needed for this UV light, No worries you will receive a shattered UV light. This led ...

- USB OPERATED and 2 MODES SWITCH: You could light it up by your power bank. And it will comes with ...

- BRIGHT and LIGHTWEIGHT: New generation ultraviolet leds with high-end opitical lens. It is very bright for the size. and this ...

- WIDELY USED: This UV blacklight works great with UV body paints & fluorescence. UV Curing paint, coatings, UV poster, art ...

11.8'' x 0.8'' x 1.1''
30 cm x 2 cm x 2.8 cm

0.4 lb (0.181 kg)

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