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Drink Coasters

Drink Coasters

Drink Coasters (Set of 6), Puzzle Leather Design, Suitable for Wine, Beer, Beverages and Bar Use

Specification A Kitchen Wish 6109521 B01954SDSW
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This set of 6 (awesome) high quality, faux leather puzzle coasters are provided along with a fitting coaster holder.

Fun & functional
These drink coasters offer great protection for any furnishing surface, whilst still looking stylish beneath your cups, mugs, glasses or bottles! Need a larger-sized coaster or placemat? No problem! Just fit these puzzle coasters together to form up a super size tablemat for your pots, pans, dining ware or even your cat!

Easy to clean
Cleaning them is simple thanks to its smooth, flat surface. Just a couple of seconds under running water should do the trick! The coasters also dry very quickly because they're free of any crevices or difficult to reach places.

Show them off!
You no longer have to bundle up your coasters haphazardly and stuff them back in the cabinet after every use. With a sleek coaster holder that's shaped to fit the unique coaster design, you can simply stack these coasters back neatly and quickly into the holder.

Alternatively, you could fit the coasters together as a decorative mat for your tabletop as a creative finish! With their cool presence, these coasters will simply make your coffee/dining/work table (and you) look even more awesome than before!
Dimensions Width: 11.5 cm (4.53'')
Length: 11.5 cm (4.53'')
Height: 3.5 cm (1.38'')
Weight n.a.
Package Dimensions Width: 12.2 cm (4.8'')
Length: 12.7 cm (5'')
Height: 3.8 cm (1.5'')
Package Weight 0.136 kg (0.3 lb)
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Drink Coasters
  • - 6 high quality, faux leather puzzle coasters with a unique and modern design.
  • - Comes with a leather coaster holder that has a velvet bottom for a classy finish.
  • - White thread runs along the edges of the smooth black drink coasters, adding a cool vibe.
  • - Great for both hot and cold drinks. With a size of 11 cm (4.5 inch), it's suitable for all cups, mugs and glasses. Can be cleaned easily under running water.
  • - Makes for an excellent gift or for self-use on dining/coffee tables, office desks, in a bar and more.
Model info
  • Manufacturer: A Kitchen Wish
  • Publisher: A Kitchen Wish
  • PartNumber: B01954SDSW
  • ProductGroup: Home
  • Amazon ASIN: B01954SDSW
  • EAN: 0799648730003
  • UPC: 799648730003
Color Black

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