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4.3 / 5 (78) (78) Rackmount PDU with 8 Outlets with Surge Protection - 19in Power Distribution Unit - 1U

This 8-outlet (120V 15A)(12A UL) Rack PDU delivers a cost-effective power distribution solution for your server rack/cabinet. The 1U PDU can be mounted horizontally in any server rack 19" in depth or greater, to provide eight 120V 15A power ports/outlets, ...

- Integrated 6ft power cord

- Organize and add additional power outlets to your rack solution

- Compatible with 4POSTRACKBK

- 1U Server Rack PDU / Rackmount Power Distribution Unit / 8 Outlet Rack Mount Power Strip

- LED indicators for ground and surge detection

19'' x 3.76'' x 1.68''
48.3 cm x 9.6 cm x 4.3 cm

4.7 lb (2.132 kg)

$ -.-
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4.5 / 5 (417) (417)
TRENDnet 16-Port Cat6 Unshielded Wallmount or Rackmount Patch Panel

Prepare yourself for Copper Gigabit Ethernet with TRENDnet´s Cat. 6 RJ-45 UTP Patch Panels. These patch panels are certified for 250Mhz Category 6, which are perfect for Copper Gigabit Ethernet connections. TRENDnet´s 16-port Cat. 6 Patch Panels are ideal for ...

- Use with TRENDnet TC-PDT Punch Down Tool

- Gigabit ready rack mount 16-port panel

- Use with TRENDnet TC-CT68 RJ-11/RJ-45 crimp/cut/strip tool, B0000AZK4G

- Cat6 patch panels deliver a steady 250Mhz connection to copper Gigabit switches

- Ideal solution for Ethernet, Fast Ethernet and Gigabit applications

20'' x 2.3'' x 2.2''
50.8 cm x 5.8 cm x 5.6 cm

1.3 lb (0.59 kg)

$ -.-
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4.3 / 5 (30) (30)
Sound Blaster Play! 3

Sound Blaster PLAY! 3

- NO DRIVERS NEEDED -- Works straight out of the box.

- ENHANCE YOUR LISTENING EXPERIENCE -- Upgrade your existing on-board sound to a USB DAC capable of 24-bit 96khz playback instantly!

- POWERFUL DOWNLOADABLE SOFTWARE -- Control Panel Software gives powerful audio enhancements and unprecedented control. Also includes optimized profiles for multiple ...

- WORKS WITH PC AND MAC -- Compatible with Windows 10, 8.1, 7; and Mac OS X10.9 or higher.

- EASY HEADPHONE CONNECTIVITY -- Compatible with all analog headsets, from standard mobile phone earbuds to gaming and studio-grade headphones. Connect ...

5.43'' x 0.87'' x 3.7''
13.8 cm x 2.2 cm x 9.4 cm

28.66 lb (13 kg)

$ -.-
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4.6 / 5 (385) (385)
Cable Matters [UL Listed] 25-Pack Cat6 RJ45 Keystone Jack in White and Keystone Punch-Down Stand

The Cable Matters RJ45 Keystone Jacks have a standard keystone face size for use with 23 or 24 AWG solid cables into patch panels or wall plates with standard keystone blanks. The 110-type terminations are color-coded with both T568A and ...

- COST-EFFECTIVE 25-PACK of Category 6 KJ modules includes a keystone jack punch-down stand for easier and safer cable termination; Impact ...

- Heavy duty Cat6 RJ45 Keystone modular jack for patch panels, surface mount boxes, or wall plates (face plates) with standard ...

- HEAVY-DUTY CONSTRUCTION includes an impact- resistant and fire-retardant housing with gold-plated RJ45 contacts, dual IDC covers, and a snap-in retaining ...

- Future-proof your network for 10-Gigabit Ethernet at a Cat5e price with this convenient and cost effective multi-pack punch down keystone ...

- Gold plated contacts and easy snap-in retaining clip ensure a secure and corrosion free connection

1.57'' x 0.98'' x 0.71''
4 cm x 2.5 cm x 1.8 cm

0.5 lb (0.227 kg)

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4.3 / 5 (224) (224)
C2G 03364 2-Port VGA

Use to share two VGA monitors One input such as a PC can connect to the VGA switch to distribute ...

This switch box features a heavy duty, easy-to-turn rotary switch enclosed in a metal case with rubber feet to protect your desk or tabletop. The rugged metal case withstands the rigors of everyday use, and helps prevent unwanted EMI/RFI interference. ...

- Input: (1) HD15 Female

- Use to share two VGA monitors

- Output: (2) HD15 Female

- One input such as a PC can connect to the VGA switch to distribute the signal to two switchable outputs

- One could connect the switch to two inputs, such as two PCs, to one output, a single monitor.

8'' x 8'' x 6''
20.3 cm x 20.3 cm x 15.2 cm

1.08 lb (0.49 kg)

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4.1 / 5 (125) (125)
Ubit 12-PCS PCI-E Riser for Bitcoin\Litecoin\ETH coin PCIe VER 006C 6 PIN 16x to 1x Powered Riser Adapter Card 6-Pin ...

★★★Factory Outlet, welcome to buy★★★✔Features:4 High Quality Solid Capacitors for stable and safe power delivery. Multiple Voltage Regulation Components (Voltage Regulating Diode and Linear Regulator)Overcurrent Protection (Surface Mounted Fuse) to safeguard your components in the event of a short circuit.60cm USB ...

- USB 3.0 riser cable enabling flexibility in the placement of your PCI-E devices.


- pin PCI-E power to 15-pin SATA power cable for direct connection to your power supply reduces the power burden on ...

- Version 006C riser kits are the top of the line solution for setting up Ethereum mining rigs (or any other ...

- 4 High Quality Solid Capacitors, Voltage Regulation, and Overcurrent Protection

9.05'' x 5.9'' x 2.75''
23 cm x 15 cm x 7 cm

0.22 lb (0.1 kg)

$ -.-
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4.4 / 5 (188) (188) PCI Express Serial Card - 2 Port - Dual Channel 16C1050 UART - Serial Port PCIe Card - Serial ...

Product Model #: PEX2S1050. Product Model # PEX2S1050. Manufacturer Part Number: PEX2S1050. Number of Serial Ports (External): 2. Product Type: ...

Add two RS232 serial ports (DB9) to your low or full-profile computer, through a PCI Express slot - This PCI Express serial card adds two high-performance RS232 serial ports to your desktop computer or server, for connecting your serial-based devices ...

- Easy to install and configure with support for a broad range of Windows operating systems, to provide two 16C1050 RS232 ...

- Add two high performance RS232 serial ports (DB9) to your low or full-profile computer, through a PCI Express slot, for ...

- Compliant with PCI Express 1.0a specification, compatible with 1x, 2x, 4x, 8x, and 16x PCIe bus / 2-port PCIe RS232 ...

- Port PCIe Serial Card with dual channel 16C1050 UART for full compatibility with 16C1050 devices

- PCIe RS232 serial Controller card with 256-Byte deep FIFO per transmitter and receiver and maximum data transfer rate of 460 ...

3.09'' x 3.6'' x 0.6''
7.8 cm x 9.1 cm x 1.5 cm

0.12 lb (0.054 kg)

$ -.-
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4.3 / 5 (156) (156) 2 Port PCI Low Profile RS232 Serial Adapter Card with 16550 UART

This 2 Port 16550 Serial Card can be installed in a PCI slot to add two serial ports - a cost-effective solution for connecting any new serial device or old legacy serial device, with data transfer rates of up to ...

- 16 byte FIFO buffer ensures fast data transfer while multitasking

- Data transfer rates of up to 115 Kbps for peak serial device performance

- RS232 Card

- PCI Serial Card

5.91'' x 0.87'' x 5.51''
15 cm x 2.2 cm x 14 cm

0.31 lb (0.141 kg)

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4.2 / 5 (109) (109)
Cable Matters 4 Port 4K HDMI Splitter 4K Resolution Ready

Connect More with Cable Matters HDMI Products Plug & Play Installation The Cable Matters 4 Port HDMI Splitter is a convenient way to broadcast video from a set-top box, Blu-ray player, gaming console, or computer to TVs, monitors, or ...

- SUPERIOR CONSTRUCTION - The 1 in 4 out HDMI splitter is AC powered and engineered with gold-plated HDMI connectors, a ...

- PORT HDMI SPLITTER distributes identical video and audio signals from a single HDMI source to up to 4 remote HDMI ...

- BONUS HDMI CABLES are included with the splitter that is surface mountable with the included brackets and mounting screws

- VIBRANT 4K VIDEO & AUTHENTIC AUDIO - The 4 way HDMI Splitter supports video resolutions up to UHD 3840 x ...

- INTELLIGENT 1x4 HDMI SPLITTER automatically detects compatible video and audio settings and synchronizes the output for a simple installation; Pre-programmed ...

5.71'' x 2.76'' x 0.98''
14.5 cm x 7 cm x 2.5 cm

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4.9 / 5 (26) (26)
avedio links HDMI Extender

HDMI Extender(Transmitter&Receiver) over signle cat5e/6 Support 1080p 3D, HDMI 1.4a, HDCP, EDID, Up to 196ft(60m). Length of Cat5e cable between ...

CONNECTING AND OPERATING 1.Connect one HDMI cable(AWG 26) up to 15 metres between source device and TX Extender 2.Connect one HDMI cable(AWG 26) up to 20 metres between sink device and RX Extender 3.Connect single cat-6(recommended) cables up to 60 ...

- Metal case and 24K gold plated shielding connectors, which can ensure the product have best thermal diffusivity and reduce the ...

- Signal transmission: Single cat-5e or cat-6(recommended) cable up to 196ft(60 meters) and cat5e cable up to 165ft(50m), which will break ...

- One year warranty from LinkS,No loss of quality and easy to install.

- Support HDMI 1.4a protocol. Support HDCP. Support full 3D and 1080P.

- Audio format support : DTS-HD/Dolby-trueHD/DTS/Dolby-AC3/DSD. Support video input : 24/50/60fs/1080p/1080i/720p/576p/576i/480p/480i. Support 8/10/12 bit deep color. Support 1.65Gbps data rate and ...

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4.9 / 5 (26) (26)
avedio links 165ft

Click here to see description.

The extender offers the most convenient solution for HDMI extension over a single Cat5e/6 with long distance capability, and is the perfect solution for any application.  Operating and Connecting: 1. Connect one HDMI cable between source device and TX Extender, ...

- HDMI Loop-out Port- HDMI loop-out for local display or monitoring function. Allows for local display or cascading via additional HDMI ...

- Extend HDMI signal over only one cost effective Cat5e/6 cable up to 50 meters under 1080P resolution. Single Cat5e/6 with ...

- Easy and flexible installation -No driver required. Please note: We have ONE-YEAR SOLID WARRANTY: Once you buy our product, you ...

- HDMI Lossless compressed digital audio Transmission. Using single UTP LAN Cable (CAT5e/6) to achieve long transmission distance with zero signal ...

- Support Bi-directional IR Remote Control. Allow Source Device to Recognize Remote Commands, and you can control the source device from ...

1.1 lb (0.499 kg)

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4.8 / 5 (205) (205)
EasyGo CompuCleaner 2.0 – Electric High Pressure Air Duster – Computer Cleaner Blower - Keyboard Cleaner – Electronic Devices and ...

Our specially designed CompuCleaner 2.0 can be used to clean dirt, dust and debris from all your electronic devices, office equipment, and technical gear in your office or at home. An alternative to compressed air gas, this computer cleaner runs ...

- LIGHTWEIGHT AND EASY TO USE - Having an extra-long 9-foot cord and with a weight of only 1.8 pounds, our ...

- HIGH PRESSURE - Our EasyGo CompuCleaner 2.0 blows immediate and continuous high-pressure air to clean dust, debris and dirt away ...

- ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY - With landfills overflowing with non-biodegradable waste including compressed air cans, our computer cleaner is safe for the ...

- MULTI-USE - An alternative to compressed air gas, the CompuCleaner 2.0 can be used for any of your expensive electronic ...

- STRONG AND EFFECTIVE - This electric air duster has a Powerful 500 watts using 4.0 AMPS of electricity and gives ...

2.65 lb (1.202 kg)

$ -.-
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4.0 / 5 (405) (405) 2 Port SATA 6 Gbps PCI Express SATA Controller Card - Dual Port PCIe SATA III Card Adapter

The PEXSAT32 2-Port PCI Express SATA 6 Gbps (SATA 3.0) Controller Card offers simple connectivity between a host computer and SATA 3.0 devices - a cost-effective solution for connecting high-speed storage, such as High RPM Hard Drives and Solid State ...

- Dual Port PCIe SATA Card Adapter / SATA 3 Controller / SATA Adapter Card / RAID Card / Hard Drive ...

- Add two SATA 6Gbps ports for high speed access to large internal storage solutions

- Configured with a standard profile bracket and low-profile/half-height bracket included

- Port SATA 6 Gbps PCIe SATA Controller Card

- Port PCI Express SATA III 6Gbps RAID Controller Card

26.65'' x 25.39'' x 8.39''
67.7 cm x 64.5 cm x 21.3 cm

0.15 lb (0.068 kg)

$ -.-
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4.3 / 5 (648) (648)
HDTV Antenna Mount - 40in

Ideal for mounting antennas to roofs, fascia or deck rails 1.62" outside dia 1.5" inside dia Includes expansion bolts, roof ...

The 40in HDTV Antenna Mount is made from 1.6in powder coated steel tube and is universally suited for all types of antennas. The mount base pivots for flat, angled, or vertical use and includes sealing tape for worry-free installation. As ...

- Includes mount, all-weather lag bolts, sealing tape, and instructions

- 40in tall x 1.6in diameter powder coated steel tube. 1.5 inches inside diameter

- 90 day warranty on parts

- Ideally suited for antennas

- Base pivots for flat, angled, or vertical use

4'' x 39'' x 7.5''
10.2 cm x 99.1 cm x 19.1 cm

5.25 lb (2.381 kg)

$ -.-
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4.4 / 5 (192) (192)
SmartiPi Touch case for The Official Raspberry Pi 7" Touchscreen Display - Adjustable Angle

Please note that the HDMI port on the Raspberry Pi is not accessible with this SmartiPi Touch case. This updated case design is now compatible with the Raspberry PI 3 Model B+ launched in March 2018. The super slim design ...

- HDMI port on the Raspberry Pi is not accessible with this case

- Pivoting adjustable angle and also wall mountable

- Building block compatible Raspberry Pi camera case that attaches to back included

- Works with Raspberry Pi HAT boards

- Works with Official Pi display and Raspberry Pi A+,B+,2,3B, and 3B+

8.7'' x 1.6'' x 5.4''
22.1 cm x 4.1 cm x 13.7 cm

$ -.-
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4.5 / 5 (218) (218)
CanaKit Raspberry Pi 3 B+

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you see a rainbow splash screen with a lightning bolt symbol, this indicates you are NOT using B+ compatible software. NOOBS 2.7.0 or later is required for operation of the B+. An exclusive kit from CanaKit that ...

- Set of 2 Aluminum Heat Sinks

- Includes Raspberry Pi 3 B+ (B Plus) with 1.4 GHz 64-bit Quad-Core Processor, 1 GB RAM

- CanaKit Quick-Start Guide

- CanaKit 2.5A USB Power Supply with Micro USB Cable and Noise Filter - Specially designed for the Raspberry Pi 3 ...

- Dual Band 2.4GHz and 5GHz IEEE 802.11.b/g/n/ac Wireless LAN, Enhanced Ethernet Performance

0.49 lb (0.222 kg)

$ -.-
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4.3 / 5 (426) (426)
MSI Gaming GeForce GT 710 2GB GDRR3 64-bit HDCP Support DirectX 12 OpenGL 4.5 Single Fan Low Profile Graphics Card ...

MSI GeForce GT 710 2GD3 LP is built with all solid capacitors to maximize lifespan of the graphic card. This low profile design GPU saves space and allow users to build smaller gaming systems. Make your entire PC experience faster ...

- Connectors: VGA, DVI-D Dual Link, HDMI. Form Factor: Low-profile

- Chipset: NVIDIA GeForce GT 710;Maximum Displays : 2

- Hdmi connectors is maximum resolution 4096 x 2160 at 24 hertz. Dvi connectors is maximum resolution 2560 x 1600 at ...

- Video Memory: 2GB DDR3/Memory Clock: 1600 MHz/Memory Interface: 64-bit

- 300W System Power Supply Requirement. Interface is pci express 2.0 x16 uses x8

5.75'' x 0.75'' x 2.72''
14.6 cm x 1.9 cm x 6.9 cm

0.32 lb (0.145 kg)

$ -.-
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4.4 / 5 (77) (77)
Silicon Power 256GB SSD 3D NAND A55 SLC Cache Performance Boost SATA III 2.5" 7mm

3D NAND Technology for Enhanced Reliability and Power Efficiency Applying the advanced 3D NAND flash, Ace A55 features higher reliability and better power efficiency than traditional SSDs equipped with 2D NAND flash. The A55 offers improved endurance and longer battery ...

- Supports TRIM command, Garbage Collection technology, RAID, and ECC (Error Checking & Correction) to provide the optimized performance and enhanced ...

- 3D NAND flash are applied to deliver high transfer speeds

- year limited warranty. (Please register your product via SP official website to get the complete manufacturer warranty services, product support ...

- Remarkable transfer speeds that enable faster bootup and improved overall system performance. The advanced SLC Cache Technology allows performance boost ...

- 7mm slim design suitable for Ultrabooks and Ultra-slim notebooks.

3.9'' x 2.75'' x 0.28''
9.9 cm x 7 cm x 0.7 cm

$ -.-
Price just updated Price updated 60 days ago
4.5 / 5 (225) (225)
EASTFUN 5Pcs 8GB USB Flash Drive USB 2.0 Flash Memory Stick Thumb Stick Pen

Click here to see description.

Description: Capacity: 8GB Five Mixed Colors: Gold Rose Blue Purple Green Interface Type: USB 2.0 Compatible (Backwards compatible to USB 1.1) Writing speed: 4mb/s-7mb/s Reading speed : 12mb/s-18mb/s Compatibility: Desktop, Laptop, Macintosh, Tablet, Speakers all with USB port ...

- With competitive price usb drive pack, new portable storage device, keep your digital world in your pocket in our smallest ...

- GREAT FOR ALL AGES AND PURPOSES: suitable for digital data storing, transferring and sharing in school, in family, to friends, ...

- GREAT VALUE PACKAGE DEAL: 5 pack of 8GB USB 2.0 Flash Drive.

- NO NEED TO INSTALL ANY SOFTWARE: just plug in and use it! windows 7 / 8 / 10 / Vista ...

4.5'' x 2.4'' x 0.3''
11.4 cm x 6.1 cm x 0.8 cm

0.02 lb (0.009 kg)

$ -.-
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4.6 / 5 (206) (206)
TotalMount Roku Ultra Mounting System

Thank you for shopping Threads of Loyalty      ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ This listing is for the following item(s):      TotalMount

PERFECT FOR WALL-MOUNTED TV OWNERS People with a wall-mounted TV often wonder where to put their new ROKU. One option is to tunnel an HDMI cable through a wall to an entertainment center, but ...

- Roku streaming player and HDMI cable are not included.

- Compatible with all Roku Ultra models (including the new 2018 Roku Ultra model and older Roku Ultra models). Not compatible ...

- TOTAL MOUNT is the trusted leader in media-player mounting. You may have seen TOTAL MOUNT products in Apple Stores.

- Makes installation easy. Perfect for wall-mounted televisions.

- Includes three mounting options (including tool-free installation options - no drilling required).

5.12'' x 1.57'' x 4.33''
13 cm x 4 cm x 11 cm

0.26 lb (0.118 kg)

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