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Norpro Heat Diffuser

The perforations work to distribute the intensity of the heat directly hitting the bottom of the pan, so the chance ...

0.14'' x 0.01'' x 0.08''
0.3 cm x 0 cm x 0.2 cm

0.001 lb (0.001 kg)

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Improved Defrost Tray | Meat Thawing Board | Meat Defrosting Tray | Food Defrosting Board Aluminum Thawing Tray | Thaw ...

- HIGH-QUALITY ALUMINIUM ALLOY is used to further improve the efficiency of the heat transfer process, as well as the durability ...

- EASY TO USE AND DISHWASHER SAFE – Just place frozen food directly onto the smooth side of the defrost tray ...

- AN ECO-FRIENDLY SOLUTION to thawing out all your frozen foods. This thaw tray uses no electricity, chemicals, or hot water. ...

- *IMPORTANT NOTE* This IMPROVED defrosting tray was engineered with a total of 36 HEAT TRANSFER FINS (each with dimensions 11.5” ...

- 30 DAY EASY RETURN POLICY – 100% satisfaction guaranteed!

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Crisper Pan for Ninja Foodi Grill & Pressure Cookers