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Motor Trend 4-Layer 4-Season Auto

Protect your vehicle and paint from UV Rays, Rain, Snow, Dust, Dirt, Bird, Tree Droppings. This multilayer cover brings many features that our competitors don’t. Our breathable woven polyester prevents moisture build up and provides heat and cold resistance. The ...

- Protection Inside and Out - Sealed Scratch-Proof Lining for the Interior & 100% Waterproof, Durable Lining for the Exterior

- Universal Fit - Made to Fit Snuggly on Any and All Vans & SUVs; Please Check Measurements before Installing

- All Conditions - Preserve your Vehicle and Paint Against All Rain, Snow, Sun, Bird Droppings, Dust/Dirt - Approved for All ...

- Distinguished Brand - Motor Trend's Very Own Multi-Layer Car Cover Engineered to Protect Your Vehicle

- Reinforced Material -Multiple Heavy-Duty Layers with Enhanced Compounded Comfort Layer, Breathable Woven Polyester & More

6 lb (2.722 kg)

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