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Microfiber Hand Dusters Set| 3-Pack| 1x

Microfiber Hand Dusters Set| 3-Pack| 1x

Microfiber Hand Dusters Set| 3-Pack| 1x Telescopic/Extendable Ceiling Duster, 1x Bendable Duster & 1x Mini Telescopic Duster For Car Use| Heart & Abode House, Kitchen & Automotive Cleaning Supplies

Specification Heart & Abode 6640105
Purple + Green + Blue (Pack of 3)
Best Price
Enjoy The Most Complete Duster Deal Available On Amazon!

Don't bother anymore with purchasing single or feathered dusters that are impractical and end up just smudging dust around rather than actually cleaning it!

Our set of 3 premium quality hand dusters, are all you need to keep even the most difficult parts of your home clean, in one pack!

Telescopic, Extendable Ceiling Duster

Perfect for reaching tall spots like your ceiling and clean dust, cobwebs, curtains & everything that seemed out of reach with conventional dusters!

Bendable Duster

The unique bendable construction will offer you the agility you need to get weird angles clean and reach behind appliances and difficult corners!

Mini Telescopic, Extendable Duster

This duster is perfect for keeping your car, RV and motorcycle dust-free. The smart size and the extendable design allow for easy storage in your glove compartment so you can always have a duster at your disposal!

Premium Quality-Maximum Durability

Our dusters feature highly durable, lightweight aluminum poles and premium quality microfiber fabric that traps dust & particles instead of spreading them.

The microfiber fabrics are hypoallergenic, machine washable and can be reused over and over again!

Duster Deal Supreme

We guarantee you won't find anywhere else such a cost-effective deal that is packed both with top quality and unmatched practicality.

Plus, every set of our dusters is backed by a NO QUESTIONS ASKED RETURN POLICY! That's right, so feel free to try them out and see for yourself how effortless dusting can get with the right tools!

Get set up for life and enjoy hassle-free & effective cleaning today!

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Dimensions Width: 12.7 cm (5'')
Length: 12.7 cm (5'')
Height: 61 cm (24'')
Weight 0.454 kg (1 lb)
Package Dimensions Width: 16 cm (6.3'')
Length: 57.2 cm (22.52'')
Height: 2.5 cm (0.98'')
Package Weight 0.454 kg (1 lb)
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Microfiber Hand Dusters Set| 3-Pack| 1x
  • - COMPLETE DUSTER DEAL: Our microfiber duster set includes 3 dusters to allow you to swipe even the most difficult parts of your house and automobile clean! These dusters employ dustfree chenille microfibers that contrary to normal feathers attract and trap dust & particles like a magnet without the need for chemicals, providing you with maximum results! Get rid of any pet hair, dander, bug, pollen, spiderwebs, cobwebs and allergens and enjoy a healthy and clean home!
  • - MAXIMUM AGILITY-100% EFFECTIVE CLEANING: No matter how hard the angle, or how tight the space, the agility of our dusters will give you the results that no other single, average duster could before. The generous microfiber head can cover an extra large area with every swipe and rotates to multiple angles for maximum versatility! Flex them to dust any appliance or electronics, wood baseboard, furniture, vertical or Venetian blinds, deep cabinets & more! There's nothing to stop you!
  • - PROFESSIONAL COMMERCIAL GRADE QUALITY: Our hand dusters are made according to the highest and best industry standards. All dusters are hypoallergenic, can clean anything from ceiling fans to the hardwood floor underneath the couch, they sport highly durable yet lightweight aluminum poles and are guaranteed to keep your home dust-free for years on end!
  • - EASY TO MAINTAIN: The highly durable and reusable microfiber fabrics can be easily removed and are machine washable for maximum convenience. No more going broke on disposable refill packs. You can have them clean like new and ready to go in to time, with no hassle!
  • - PERFECT BOTH FOR INDOOR & OUTDOOR SPACES: That's right! Our set features a mini duster that is perfectly sized for cleaning your car's dash and auto interior while the smart, extended design, allows it to get to an ideal, compact size that fits into your glove box! The duster leaves absolutely no lint behind, and is perfect for cars, motorcycles, RV's and can also serve as a scrubbing sponge that works wonders on wheels!
Model info
  • Manufacturer: Anastasia Doyle
  • Publisher: Anastasia Doyle
  • PartNumber: 6640105
  • ProductGroup: Health and Beauty
  • Amazon ASIN: B01J265TRQ
  • EAN: 0851046007047
  • UPC: 851046007047
Color Purple + Green + Blue (Pack of 3)

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