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Honeywell 6162rf Custom Alpha Receiver/security Keypad Replacement for 6160rf

An alpha keypad that is now 20% smaller than previous versions, featuring a larger eight-line display, wireless receiver for connecting wireless contacts and detectors, as well as VISTA Intelligent Programming (VIP)

- Honeywell Intrusion 6162RF

1'' x 7'' x 5''
2.5 cm x 17.8 cm x 12.7 cm

0.75 lb (0.34 kg)

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Wireless Intercom System Hosmart 1/2 Mile Long Range 7-Channel Security Wireless Intercom System for Home or Office

Features: 1.Long Rang: Effective distance Approx. 1/2mile (in ideal condition, range will diminish based on walls, floors, etc). 2.Multi-Channel (7 channel): 7 channels will be provide to you for calling family or office members, delivering announcements, or emergency calls. It can ...

- Long Range and Multi-Channel: 2017 new release 1/2 mile long range (in ideal situations) 7 channel secure wireless intercom system. ...

- Voice Crystal Clear and Secure Digital Communication: Duo to anti-interference signal technology and secret digital channel, the wireless intercom system ...

- Individually Function and Easy Using: Powerful and Individually Function, Monitor, Talk, VOX(Voice Operated Exchange), Group call function. Monitor function can ...

- The Hosmart Advantage: 30 + years of wireless intercom home system technology produced by our leading factory.Pass Safety Certification and ...

- Wide Using Range and Support by Power Bank: This wireless intercom system can use in a wide rang, home, office, ...

7.2'' x 4.3'' x 1.9''
18.3 cm x 10.9 cm x 4.8 cm

2 lb (0.907 kg)

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The Door Bull - Door Barricade Lock Out Security Device

When 3 cops saw too much tragedy from normal locks They invented something new. They gave it to those in need. Now, an even better, professionally re-engineered lock can be yours. It does what a deadbolt, alarm, or 911 often ...

- STRONG & SMART - superior-grade, aluminum construction. It spreads force across more of your door frame. SUPER EASY TO USE

- PATENTED DESIGN: When 3 cops saw too much tragedy from normal locks, they invented something new. Now, professionally engineered lock ...

- EASY INSTALLATION - super quick DIY installation on most doors. Works on most (inward-opening) doors as-is. This security device is ...

- THE DOOR BULL STOPS THEM: It's stronger and powerful, it helps your door frame do its job by distributing the ...

- KEEP LOVED ONES AND YOURSELF SAFE: When purchasing The Door Bull, not only are you protecting your home, business, or ...

1 lb (0.454 kg)

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LogicMark Freedom Alert Emergency System

The LogicMark freedom alert emergency pendant communicator allows instant 2-way speaker phone communication through your mini wearable pendant to family, friends, or neighbors - anytime from anywhere - in or around the home. If your programmed contacts are unreachable at ...

- No Fees to Use Ever

- Answer Incoming Calls With The pendant

- 600 Foot Range (2 football fields) * Talk Through The Pendant Two-Way Voice

10'' x 12'' x 3''
25.4 cm x 30.5 cm x 7.6 cm

1.6 lb (0.726 kg)

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AcuRite 01013M Weather Station Access for Remote Monitoring

Monitor actual hyper-local weather conditions in your own backyard anytime from anywhere, giving you the information you need to make better decisions, every day. More accurate and reliable than weather reports from across town, you can quickly view current conditions ...

- Compatible with Amazon Alexa - Just Ask "Alexa, Ask My AcuRite about my backyard weather"

- Share your weather with friends, family, and online weather communities like weather Underground

- Create custom alerts to get notifications sent directly to your phone when changing conditions need your attention

- Monitor actual weather conditions in your own backyard, from anywhere using your smartphone, tablet or computer

- Expandable; monitor and protect more things you care about in and around your home, connecting up to seven (7) compatible ...

2.7'' x 6.7'' x 8.2''
6.9 cm x 17 cm x 20.8 cm

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