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Beautiful Gold Aluminum Metal Coat Hangers

Beautiful Gold Aluminum Metal Coat Hangers

Beautiful Gold Aluminum Metal Coat Hangers Heavy Duty Suit Hangers (10 Pack)

Specification Quality Hangers 5301
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Are you tired of spending countless hours arranging and re-arranging your wardrobe, but no matter how efficiently you try to allocate space, your wardrobe just keeps falling apart?
Are you tired of wasting countless of dollars each month on plastic hangers which are brittle to the touch, easily breakable and simply can't bear the weight of your heavy, fur coats?

If you are extremely particular about quality and you give a great deal of importance to attractiveness, especially when it comes to your precious wardrobe, our stylish, handy and extremely sturdy gold aluminium hangers will not only organize your wardrobe efficiently, but also, enhance the appeal and creativity of your closet. With our premium quality, aluminium hangers, you can hang your heaviest, and bulkiest clothing items and coats without the least bit fear about the hanger breaking and finding your nicely ironed clothing items scattered on the floor. 16" Wide x 10" High, our hangers are just the right shape and size to make sure that they are suitable for hanging all your clothes without falling off from the sleeves or the bodice, a problem too common in plastic or wooden hangers, which are either too big or too small.

Can there be a more attractive color than gold? Absolutely not! You have yet to find another stylish, durable and sturdy hanger to hang all your bulky and heavy clothes, and efficiently organize the space in your wardrobe. Our shiny gold hangers will look so much better than the unattractive plastic hangers that diminish the design and appeal of your wardrobe and charge twice as much as our superior quality, durable products.
Dimensions Width: 4.3 cm (1.7'')
Length: 30.5 cm (12'')
Height: 43.2 cm (17'')
Weight 0.454 kg (1 lb)
Package Dimensions Width: 30.5 cm (12'')
Length: 43.2 cm (17'')
Height: 4.3 cm (1.7'')
Package Weight 0.454 kg (1 lb)
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Beautiful Gold Aluminum Metal Coat Hangers
  • - Extremely beautiful and rich looking 10 aluminum shiny gold hangers that will live up your closet.
  • - This hanger will last a lifetime.
  • - Heavy duty but is a space saver in your closet.
  • - Don't buy plastic over and over when you can invest in a hanger that will last in your closet for years.
  • - 16" Wide x 10" High
Model info
  • Manufacturer: Quality Hangers
  • Publisher: Quality Hangers
  • PartNumber: 5301
  • ProductGroup: Home
  • Amazon ASIN: B00YSS7O9K
  • EAN: 5480246578412
Color Gold
Size 10 Pack

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