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$ 297.69
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Avalon B8BLK Touchless Countertop Bottleless Water Cooler Water Dispenser - Hot & Cold Water

Avalon B8BLK Touchless Countertop Bottleless Water Cooler Water Dispenser - Hot & Cold Water, NSF Certified Filter- UL/Energy Star Approved- ...

0.13'' x 0.12'' x 0.19''
0.3 cm x 0.3 cm x 0.5 cm

0.3 lb (0.136 kg)

$ 64.95
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ZWILLING Classic 8-inch Professional Chef Knife

<ul> <li>Made in Spain</li> <li>Fabricated from high-quality German stainless steel</li> <li>Fully forged construction offers durability and a ...

0.16'' x 0.04'' x 0.01''
0.4 cm x 0.1 cm x 0 cm

0.006 lb (0.003 kg)

$ 39.99
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Anolon Advanced Hard Anodized Nonstick Frying Pan/ Fry Pan/ Saute Pan/ All Purpose Pan with Lid - 12 Inch

There is a small blemish on the lip of the pan as shown in the last photo.

- OVEN SAFE: Domed glass lid retains heat and flavor during cooking, and the frying and saute pan is oven safe ...

- DURABLE CONSTRUCTION: Large multi purpose pan features hard-anodized construction for efficient, even heat distribution

- PREMIUM NONSTICK PAN: High-quality, metal utensil safe nonstick delivers superior food release and effortless cleanup

- DURABLE, EASY TO GRASP HANDLES: The Anolon SureGrip handle offers a solid, comfortable grasp and is dual riveted for strength

- ESSENTIAL COOKWARE: Saute and sauce with this versatile chef pan used by gourmets for a wide range of recipes

0.22'' x 0.12'' x 0.07''
0.6 cm x 0.3 cm x 0.2 cm

0.06 lb (0.027 kg)

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200-Gallon Long-Life Chubby 10-Cup Water Filter Pitcher with 4 Filters

- Certified filtration: The pitcher is NSF 42 certified for the reduction of chlorine, taste and odor. It is also NSF ...

- Gravity indicator: Waterdrop pitcher contains a light that lets you know when it’s time to replace the filter. In addition, ...

- Dedicated filtration performance: The main purpose of the Waterdrop filter is not TDS reduction. "TDS" stands for "total dissolved solids", ...

- Exceptional quality: Waterdrop pitcher is made of high-grade BPA-free plastic and has an ergonomic handle, which makes for easy handling. ...

- Long-life without risk: The high-quality filter produce more than 200 gallons of water before they need to be replaced. One ...

$ 86.70
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iTouchless 13 Gallon Automatic Trash Can with Odor-Absorbing Filter and Lid Lock

Its extra wide opening (11. SPACE AND MONEY SAVER – Efficient rectangular shape fits in tight spaces and corners. Fits ...

0.13'' x 0.11'' x 0.28''
0.3 cm x 0.3 cm x 0.7 cm

0.08 lb (0.036 kg)

$ 10.39
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Wilton Color Swirl

Brighten up your cupcakes with rainbow icing swirls using the Wilton Color Swirl. This three-color coupler lets you pipe three ...

0.05'' x 0.07'' x 0.02''
0.1 cm x 0.2 cm x 0.1 cm

$ 25.37
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Cuisinart 619-14 Chef's Classic Nonstick Hard-Anodized 1-Quart Saucepan with Cover

The finest materials are crafted into a full and functional line of classically shaped pieces. No other piece of cookware ...

- Hard anodized is harder than stainless steel and is dense, nonporous and highly wear-resistant for Extra durability and professional performance

- Hard anodized construction has unsurpassed heat distribution that heats quickly, spreads heat evenly, and eliminates hot spots

- Quantanium non stick interior is reinforced with Titanium and provides lasting food release, healthily nonfat cooking option, and easy clean ...

- Cool grip handles are solid stainless steel riveted stick handles that stay cool on the stove top and provide a ...

- Additional features are drip-free pouring and tempered glass cover

0.13'' x 0.07'' x 0.05''
0.3 cm x 0.2 cm x 0.1 cm

0.01 lb (0.005 kg)

$ 38.32
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Zojirushi SM-ZA36WM Stainless Mug

'Seamless Cap' that can be washed without disassembling. Failing this will automatically lead to cancellation of the order. The rounded ...

$ 179.99
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Express Water RO5DX Reverse Osmosis Filtration NSF Certified 5 Stage RO System with Faucet and Tank – Under Sink Water ...

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- Water Purification System: Drink the healthiest water on Earth. All our water filters are specially engineered to work together, producing ...

- Love your water - Environmentally friendly coconut carbon filters give unequalled quality and a clear natural taste

- Under Sink Water Filter System: No need to mess with refilling or activating your water filter, Express Water’s water filtration ...

- Reverse Osmosis Water Filter: Experience what water should taste like with the Express Water reverse osmosis water filtration system reducing ...

- Under Sink Water Filter: Don’t waste money on professional installation. Express Water’s quick and easy-to-understand design means you can install ...

0.16'' x 0.19'' x 0.18''
0.4 cm x 0.5 cm x 0.5 cm

0.118 lb (0.054 kg)

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Cutting board for Mini Smart Oven

- Umilife Bamboo cutting board sitting on Mini Smart Oven (Oven Excluded) : Designed to be compatible with BOV450XL. Sits steadily on the oven, protects cabinets from being damaged and protects family and pets from getting ...

- Heat Resistant and Anti-slip feet: 4 silicone feet raise the cutting board 0.4” off the oven, create an airflow channel ...

- Beautiful and clean Board without any engraved texts or logo.

- Heat resistant design, stay strong and safe on top of the oven. Won't warp nor crack. A solid cutting board, ...

- Wonderful gift for any family using mini smart ovens on daily basis. It might be compatible with other oven models: ...

0.15'' x 0.1'' x 0.01''
0.4 cm x 0.2 cm x 0 cm

0.027 lb (0.012 kg)

$ 20.96
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Brita Marella Cool Water Filter Jug and Cartridges Starter Pack

New Formula MAXTRA+. Want to save money and enjoy clearer-cleaner tasting water?. With MAXTRA+ filtered water costing just from 5 ...

19.18 lb (8.7 kg)

$ 350.00
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iSpring WGB32B 3-Stage Whole House Water Filtration System w/ 20-Inch Sediment and Carbon Block Filters


- Protect Your Family and Household Appliance from Sediment, Chlorine, and More: Say goodbye to smelly, bad tasting water! Our system ...

- Top-Notch Quality: The first stage high capacity polypropylene sediment filter is able to achieve filtration down to 5 microns. The ...

- DIY Installation and Maintenance: Refer to our manual and our helpful YouTube videos for easy DIY installation. With 1” NPT ...

- Peace of Mind Customer Service: Register online to activate your extended manufacturer warranty and life-time free tech support from U.S. ...

- Please Note: Unlike an RO system, this system will NOT reduce Total Dissolved Solids (TDS), and instead keeps healthy minerals ...

0.24'' x 0.08'' x 0.28''
0.6 cm x 0.2 cm x 0.7 cm

0.45 lb (0.204 kg)

$ 28.44
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Tea Kettle - VONIKI 2.5 Quart Tea Kettles Stovetop Whistling Teapot Stainless Steel Tea Pots for Stove Top Whistle Tea ...

VONIKI Tea Kettle Stovetop Whistling Tea Pot 1. The loud and pleasant whistle sound alerts you when the water is ...

- 【Food-Grade Material】Stovepot teapot uses professional food-grade materials and stainless steel craftsmanship to ensure that it is rust & corrosion resistant ...

- 【High Capacity】2.5 QT stainless steel tea kettle is ideal for serving in a whole family or party. This teapot allows ...

- 【Perfect Whistling Sound】The stylish tea kettle will release a loud whistle when the water has reached a boiling point. When ...

- 【Unique Handle】The silicone-coated design of the teakettle handle allows you to lift the teapot directly without risking burns; The ergonomic ...

- 【Sutable for Various Stoves】Teapot stovepot suitable for any heat source including induction cooker, electric stove, gas stove, radiant stove. Please ...

$ 43.83
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W B D WEIBIDA Adjustable Appliance Dolly with 4 Locking Wheels

【EASY TO ASSEMBLE】 This moving dolly is almost assembled, you just need to install the connecting rod. The snap-on design ...

$ 50.29
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BTaT- Insulated Coffee Mugs

BTT Double wall glasses are made from top quality borosilicate which is stronger and more durable than common glass that ...

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iSpring RCB3P Reverse Osmosis RO Water Filtration System

- High capacity Reverse Osmosis systems removes up to 99% of over 1, 000 contaminants and hardness, including lead (removes up ...

- Super-efficient RO membranes combine to provide up to 300 gallons of purified reverse osmosis water daily. Rejects wide spectrum of ...

- Freestanding Stainless Steel Frame and Metal hanging bracket. Makes your installation and filter changes easier while adding a protective buffer for ...

- Built in booster pump increases the production of purified water by raising the water pressure. Compatible with 11 or 20 ...

- Great for light commercial use in Restaurants, salons, labs, and offices all benefit in their own ways from high quality ...

0.2'' x 0.11'' x 0.28''
0.5 cm x 0.3 cm x 0.7 cm

0.52 lb (0.236 kg)

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IKT Faucet Water Filter System Purifier

- EASY TO INSTALL- You can install this faucet water filter really fast if you choose the right size adapter,4 steps ...

- BETTER FILTER- Reduce 99%LEAD and Heavy Metals, 99% reduce Chlorine & Odors and also other substances are showed on the ...

- LONGLAST FILTER- 6 months/filter,320 gallon water for a 2-3 member family.

- COST-EFFECTIVE- 6.5 dollars per filter can be used for 180 days at most,that means you only cost 0.36 cents per ...

- UNIVERSAL- IKT water filter system fits for 95% of the faucets in the market,with 5 adapters packed together,you'll always find ...

0.005 lb (0.002 kg)

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Serami Classic Cream White Diner Mugs for Coffee with 11oz Capacity

- Dishwasher and Microwave Safe (handle will not come out overwhelmingly hot).

- Chip Resistant – Constucted with Ultra-Thick, High-Grade Ceramic, these Mugs Will Withstand Everyday Use.

- Vintage Style Retro Diner Coffee Mugs – Heavy Duty Ceramic Construction and a Classic Throwback.

- 11 oz Capacity (to the rim) and Measures 4" x 3.5". See Images for Complete Measurements.

$ 120.66
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GreenPan Valencia Pro Hard Anodized Induction Safe Healthy Ceramic Nonstick

Designed to last, this versatile 11” grill pan is crafted with strengthened hard anodized aluminum for extra durability and scratch ...

- Infused with diamonds, GreenPan’s Thermolon Minerals Pro healthy ceramic nonstick coating is free of PFAS, PFOA, lead, and cadmium, so ...

- Valencia Pro's Magneto Induction Base brings incredible searing and browning to all stovetops, including induction, plus the hard anodized aluminum ...

- Metal utensil safe, our original diamond-infused nonstick coating offers remarkable durability, balanced heating, and effortless cleanup

- Mirror-polished stainless steel handle stays cool thanks to a V-shaped cutout

- Suitable for all stovetops including induction. Limited lifetime warranty.

0.15'' x 0.02'' x 0.11''
0.4 cm x 0.1 cm x 0.3 cm

0.02 lb (0.009 kg)

$ 33.98
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SimpleHouseware Stackable Can Rack Organizer

SimpleHouseware Stackable Can Rack Organizer, Chrome 1-(Pack). Condition is "New".

0.12'' x 0.17'' x 0.14''
0.3 cm x 0.4 cm x 0.4 cm

0.043 lb (0.019 kg)

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