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McCulloch A1375-100 Replacement Traditional Microfiber Mop Pad for MC1375

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McCulloch Steam microfiber mop pads feature durable construction to withstand rugged, repeat use. The pads are machine washable for convenient cleanup and quickly attach to the steam mop head. These microfiber mop pads trap dust and dirt as it is ...

- Reusable and machine washable

- Perfectly fits McCulloch Steam models MC1375; MC1385

- Effective at grabbing and trapping dirt; dust and debris without scratching surfaces

- Each package contains 2 genuine McCulloch Steam microfiber replacement pads

- Hook and loop design provides an easy; touches attachment

0.14'' x 0.1'' x 0''
0.3 cm x 0.2 cm x 0 cm

0.004 lb (0.002 kg)

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Microfiber Pros Reusable 18" Mop Pad Replacement Heads for Wet or Dry Floor Cleaning and Scrubbing – Heavy Duty Commercial ...

We use only a 2-channel stitch design which gives you more cleaning surface to use (unlike 3 or 4 channel ...

BONUS 7"X9"SUEDE GLASS CLEANING CLOTH INCLUDED. Small cloth colors will vary.Compatible with most hook & loop (velcro) aluminum floor mops. See partial list below. Built to last, we produce at a true 80/20 Polyester to Polyamide blend with genuine split ...

0.1'' x 0.06'' x 0.03''
0.3 cm x 0.1 cm x 0.1 cm

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Hurricane Spin Mop Home Cleaning System by BulbHead

The Hurricane Spin Mop is the amazing mop and bucket system that cleans practically anything and everything, picking up dirt ...

Keeping hard surfaces clean can feel like a never-ending task. Now there's a better way! The Hurricane 360 Spin Mop helps you sweep, clean, and polish your hardwood, ceramic tile, laminate, marble, and other hard surfaces in half the time! ...

- POWERFUL HARD SURFACE CLEANER: use on hard surfaces like tile, travertine, wood, laminate, and more to clean and sanitize your ...

- SUPER-ABSORBENT SPINNING MOP HEAD: our spinning microfiber mop heads grab liquid and messes so you’re not pushing the mess, but ...

- NEXT GENERATION MOP & BUCKET SYSTEM: it’s not just a mop, it’s an entire cleaning system that spins away germ-filled ...

- LAYS FLAT: Hurricane Spin Mop lays flat so you’ll never have to bend over and move furniture. Easily reach under ...

- GETS EVERY NOOK & CRANNY: you’ll love how it reaches against baseboards, maneuvers behind your toilet, and other impossible-to-reach areas ...

0.23'' x 0.2'' x 0.11''
0.6 cm x 0.5 cm x 0.3 cm

0.051 lb (0.023 kg)

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