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Travel Passport Wallet Anti-Theft Hidden Pocket

Travel Passport Wallet Anti-Theft Hidden Pocket Conceal Credit Card and Cash - Organize Documents and Reciepts

Saddleback Leather Long Billfold Wallet -

Saddleback Leather Long Billfold Wallet - 100% Full Grain Leather with 100 Year Warranty

M Square Travel passport wallet holder

M Square Travel passport wallet holder safety documents organizer case multi-function bag for men and women Pink

Specification Smart Travel Organizers 27186 Travel Wallet Passport Holder Saddleback Leather Co. 01-40-0026-MD-CH-NP-C
M square 616909552887
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Traveling should always be fun and pleasant, including the moment you are planning it and packing for your trip.

One of the biggest nightmare for travelers is to get to the airline counter and not easily find their Passport, ID Card, boarding pass or money without panicking or fumbling.

Those days of worrying about misplacing your travel documents are over. With the Smart Travel Organizer Wallet for Men and Women, you will always be ready with your essential documents secured safely on your person without having to search through your carry-on bag.

No matter if you are at the airport, on a tour, hiking or taking a stroll around the city, you will have with you a very light weight and comfortable wallet with enough space for your money, travel documents, credit cards and passport. You won't find a safer travel wallet.

Our global travel tourist team designed a secret hidden pocket that not even your spouse will find. No stitches or zippers will reveal the opening. Completely hidden from view or feel. You can keep your credit cards or money safe and out of the sight of anyone.

Perfect for all travelers for any kind of travel. Practical, multi-purpose and still completely fashionable.

More space than you can possibly use with the following measurements:

Overall Open: 10.6 x 7.8 in.
Closed: 4.3 x 7.8 in.
Big Pocket: 3.9 x 7.1 in. with Zipper closure
Hidden Pocket: 3.9 x 7.1 in. (No Stitches, No Zippers)
Mesh Pocket: 3.1 x 7.1 in. with Zipper closure
Bills Pocket: 3.3 x 7.1 in.
ID/Credit Cards Pocket:
Two Pockets: 1.9 x 3.5 in. each
Two Pockets: 2.3 x 3.5 in. each

Big and Bill pockets are suitable for a phone pocket up to IPhone 6, Passport (fit 3 max.) and Boarding Pass Small pockets are suitable for international drivers license, ID cards and credit cards


The Long Billfold Wallet will both protect your U.S., Canadian, European or other country's passport, as well as your personal information with strong RFID shielding. For ease of use, the left side, inner-flap pocket allows you to tuck in the front cover of your passport without having to remove it. Four credit card slots on the right-hand side hold multiple cards each, while a vertical cash pocket runs behind the credit card slots and holds unfolded cash. The tall, slim design slips easily into a jacket or blazer pocket.


1. THE BEST PEOPLE - The quality of our leather bifold wallets is only as good as the people who make them. We have the best leather artisans in the business.

2. THE BEST LEATHER - We only use the strongest, most expensive, premium 100% full grain, chrome-tanned leather sourced from reputable, environmentally friendly tanneries in Old Mexico.

3. THE BEST THREAD - Our thread quality cannot be emphasized enough. We use extremely strong, marine-grade polyester thread that is both UV and saltwater resistant. You'll find the same thread used in boat sails and parachutes.

4. THE BEST PARTS - We never use snaps, magnets, zippers, velcro or rolling wheels, which all eventually break. Combine that with our incredibly durable Stainless Steel 316 hardware and it ensures our 100 Year Warranty is no idle boast.

5. 100 YEAR WARRANTY - We built the Billfold Wallet to last AT LEAST 100 years. All our leather designs are field-tested to handle stampeding bulls, your daily morning commute and small children. Whether your adventure takes you across the Serengeti or uptown on the A train at rush hour, if this leather wallet goes before you do, we'll fix it or replace it for free.

This travel document bag has multiple pockets to classify Your personal stuff, and help you to find the most urgent things anytime anywhere. It can be used together with other MSquare product to make your journey full of color and joy
Dimensions Width: 10.7 cm (4.2'')
Length: 20.6 cm (8.1'')
Height: 2.3 cm (0.9'')
Width: 10.2 cm (4'')
Length: 1.9 cm (0.75'')
Height: 18.4 cm (7.25'')
Width: 12 cm (4.72'')
Length: 24 cm (9.44'')
Height: 1.5 cm (0.59'')
Weight 0.068 kg (0.15 lb) 0.136 kg (0.3 lb) n.a.
Package Dimensions Width: 10.7 cm (4.2'')
Length: 20.6 cm (8.1'')
Height: 2.3 cm (0.9'')
Width: 28.6 cm (11.26'')
Length: 37.9 cm (14.92'')
Height: 2.4 cm (0.94'')
Width: 13 cm (5.1'')
Length: 25.1 cm (9.9'')
Height: 1.8 cm (0.7'')
Package Weight 0.068 kg (0.15 lb) 0.177 kg (0.39 lb) 0.113 kg (0.25 lb)
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Travel Passport Wallet Anti-Theft Hidden Pocket Saddleback Leather Long Billfold Wallet - M Square Travel passport wallet holder
  • - HIDDEN POCKET A discreet hidden pocket allows you to keep your money and credit cards safe and out of the sight of anyone. Easy, quick access with no zippers, buttons or stitches in your way. Completely hidden pocket that will thwart even the most determined thief. LIGHT WEIGHT ACCESSORY is perfectly designed for the globe trotter walking around without the need of carrying a bulky, heavy purse. Stylish classical, chic design suitable for the most fashion conscious men and women
  • - TRAVEL SMART AND ORGANIZED This comfortable, practical and compact wallet for men and women is the best option for traveling. Keep your carry-on essentials and documents protected and ready to use at the airport, in the airplane or anytime during the trip
  • - KEEP YOUR DOCUMENTS DRY AND SAFE Durable water repellent case never rips or tears open. Strong threads stitch the high quality hand-select materials together into a wallet that holds its shape. Detachable hand strap securely holds your wallet as a handbag or secure it to your luggage or carry on bag. Super strong velcro closure tightly grips but still not difficult to open. Durable YKK style zippers smoothly slide open and closed with large easy grip fobs for all hand sizes
  • - THE BEST MULTI-PURPOSE GIFT FOR TRAVELERS: Do you know anybody who is planning to travel? Make it easy for them with this incredibly practical travel gift. No more concerns and looking desperate for your passport or travel documents while you are at the airline counter or just walking around the city. 10 pockets and pouches in different sizes. Ideal to hold your ID cards, money, credit cards, Passports (it can fit 3 max) and all your travel documents
  • - PURCHASE WITH CONFIDENCE All our travel products are made to high quality USA consumer standards. If you are not satisfied with the item for any reason, please contact us for 100% satisfaction guaranteed refund or replacement at anytime. You will absolutely love it! If you are not absolutely satisfied with your wallet after your first trip, just contact us and we will happily replace it or fully refund you.
  • - RFID SHIELDED CHECKBOOK WALLET - Saddleback's Long Billfold Wallet combines a beautiful slim design with a bi-fold wallet concept for minimalism while traveling or carrying around town. With identity theft on the rise, we've made sure to put in strong RFID shielding to keep all your information safe.
  • - A GENTLEMAN'S WALLET - Tall, slim design of the Long Billfold Wallet slips easily into a jacket or blazer pocket. It looks great at the country club or on the cattle drive.
  • - 100 YEAR WARRANTY - We are so confident in our leather designs, everything we make is backed with a 100 Year Warranty. Our company motto is "They'll Fight Over It When You're Dead". The warranty is fully transferrable to whichever lucky person inherits your leather wallet someday.
  • - 100% FULL GRAIN LEATHER - Our leather designs are the toughest out there because they are all made with the highest grade of full grain leather rather than typical cheap genuine leather. We also use the fewest pieces of leather in our designs to minimize seams and make every design as strong as possible.
  • - HIGHEST QUALITY MATERIALS - Like all our leather designs, the Long Billfold Wallet is stitched with marine-grade polyester thread which is both UV and saltwater resistant. A tough but soft pigskin lining provides both strong durability and protection.
  • - Best travel documents holder with smooth Closing Zipper, secure wallet that protects your travel accessories. A zip around travel wallet for your convenience.
  • - Portable and Compact case, is easily held in Handbag passport holder. men's and women's travel gear case. An ideal travel accessory holder, a nice cover for your passport.
  • - executive travel wallet, Perfect travel purse for Holding Passport, Boarding Card, Credit Cards, Tickets, Coins, Keys, money, etc
  • - A slim small wallet for holding and making easy to access your documents while traveling. Fits your hand, your bag, and your jacket pocket.
  • - Durable travel wallet with multiple pockets, perfect for all your needed documents. You need to order this wallet travel pouch now. Money back guarantee!
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  • Manufacturer: Smart Travel Organizers
  • Publisher: Smart Travel Organizers
  • PartNumber: Travel Wallet Passport Holder
  • ProductGroup: Apparel
  • Amazon ASIN: B01KUBI06E
  • EAN: 0616175377283
  • UPC: 616175377283
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  • PartNumber: 616909552887
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  • EAN: 0616909552887
  • UPC: 616909552887
Color - Chestnut Pink
Size - - One Size

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