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Naxa Electronics NAXA NT-90 9" Portable TV & Digital Multimedia Player

Enjoy TV broadcasts with the Naxa Portable TV and Digital Multimedia Player. Play multimedia files from USB and SD Cards. The built-in rechargeable battery provides 1.5 hours of play time. TFT/LCD display. 800 480 resolution. ATSC/NTSC tuner. Additional external antenna ...

- Headphone jack (3.5 mm) and built-in stereo speakers Screen Type: 9" TFT LCD (800 x 480) Removable Memory Support: USB, ...

- Enjoy TV broadcasts (ATSC/NTSC tuner) Additional external antenna for enhanced Play multimedia files from USB and SD memory cards TV ...

- 9" TFT LCD screen (800 x 480)

- Digital multimedia support: JPG, MP3, MPEG2, MPEG2_HD, MPEG4, MPEG4_SD, MPEG4_HD, H.264, FLV

- way power: AC power adapter, DC car adapter, and rechargeable battery Two A/V input connectors and external antenna

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