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Vibrator Remote Control

Whether you are a male or female, this is an ideal piece of tantalizing adult toys that lets you or your partner take control of the orgasms which are sure to be powerful when you are playing with this amazing ...

- ♥ Remote Control - Imagine secretly keeping this vibrator in the most sensitive regions of your body while you're out. ...

- ♥ 10-Speed Vibration and Dual Motors - Both the vibrating egg and controller come with 10 different speeds and rhythms ...

- ♥ Safe Material - Made of medical silicone and ABS. The skin-soft silicone coating on the bullet vibe looks and ...

- ♥ Waterproof and USB Rechargeable - Charging 1.5 hours can provide more than 2 hours of playing time. All you ...

- ♥ Discreet Package - Packed with an unmarked box, no one else except you will know what the package contains. ...

3.86'' x 1.39'' x 1.39''
9.8 cm x 3.5 cm x 3.5 cm

3.86 lb (1.751 kg)

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Mini Wireless Wand Massager for Women - Waterproof Rechargeable for Body - Back Neck Sport Massage - Black Travel Friendly ...

Protable Size, Higher Performance Cordless and USB rechargeable along with portable size makes it the perfect massager for travel.The soft silicone is approved by FDA so it is safe to human body. High Quality Battery It's rechargeable by USB and ...

- 12 vibration patterns offer muscles shiatsu relief to tired feet,legs,Arm,neck,back,hand,shoulders,body Sport Recovery,foot Massager,powerfull

- Medical-grade silicone cushioned power massage. without odor, seamless and safe to use

- High-strength Vibrating motor in a more portable and lightweight size, quiet,makes it the perfect Handheld massager vibrator for travel

- Water resistant design allows the electric massager to be used in the bath & shower,Don't use in bathtub.USB Rechargeable, with ...

- With 1 Year Warranty , If you have any issues, please contact us without hesitation. We will offer you best ...

3.54'' x 1'' x 1.18''
9 cm x 2.5 cm x 3 cm

3.54 lb (1.606 kg)

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Viva Naturals Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

Viva Naturals Organic Coconut Oil gives you an easy, wonderful way to add flavor to your diet, and boost your skin and hair regime with the power of MCTs, immune boosters, and compounds found in coconuts.The Viva Naturals DifferenceViva Naturals ...

- Sourced From Fresh Coconuts for Added Potency - Our oil is sourced from coconuts grown in the fertile volcanic soil ...

- Purest Form Preserves Nutrients - Each jar is unrefined, organic, and cold-pressed in order to preserve MCTs, silky texture, and ...

- Rejuvenates and Moisturizes Skin and Hair - Your skin will glow as our cold-pressed oil penetrates and softens the surface ...

- Packed With MCTs for Weight Management - The MCTs in coconut oil help your body burn up adipose (fatty) tissue ...

- Packed With MCTs for Weight Management - The MCTs in coconut oil help your body burn up adipose (fatty) tissue ...

5'' x 5'' x 6.5''
12.7 cm x 12.7 cm x 16.5 cm

5 lb (2.268 kg)

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Bach Rescue Remedy Pastilles

Bach Rescue Pastilles have been especially formulated using the Original Bach Flower Remedy formula for use by the whole family, including children. Dr. Bach formulated Rescue Remedy nearly a hundred years ago, yet never before has it been more relevant ...

- Bach Rescue Pastilles have been especially formulated using the Original Bach Flower Remedy formula for use by the whole family, ...

- Bach Flower Remedies

4.99'' x 4.99'' x 4.99''
12.7 cm x 12.7 cm x 12.7 cm

4.99 lb (2.263 kg)

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Fabrication Enterprises 18-1142 Heavy Duty Infra-Red

175 watt Ruby bound per head. 19 inch.

- 175 Watt ruby bound per Head

- 19 inch

- Mobile base

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DivaCup Model 1 Menstrual Cup

The DivaCup is a reusable, bell-shaped menstrual cup that is worn internally and sits low in the vaginal canal, collecting rather than absorbing your menstrual flow. Menstrual cups have existed since the 1930s when women were searching for an alternative ...

- DISCOVER YOUR PERIOD CONFIDENCE Period Confidence? It exists! The DivaCup is a reusable menstrual cup that collects, rather than absorbs ...

- IDEAL FOR YOUR LIFESTYLE Stay active with The DivaCup. Whether you’re traveling, swimming or hitting the gym, The DivaCup gives ...

- BE ECO CONSCIOUS No more monthly stash of disposable tampons and pads, just one reusable cup and you’re all set. ...

- QUALITY IS EVERYTHING What you use to care for your period matters. The DivaCup is manufactured in Canada and made ...

- BEST IN CLASS As an industry leader for over 15 years, The DivaCup is committed to offering a better period ...

6.2'' x 3.6'' x 2.1''
15.7 cm x 9.1 cm x 5.3 cm

6.2 lb (2.812 kg)

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Covidien 60010DP - Wings Classic Adult Briefs X-Large 59"-64"

Brief Wings Adlt Bge Xlg

- Brief Wings Adlt Bge Xlg

- Bag of 12

- Note: Please purchase based on product "Code". Images are provided by manufacturers and might not represent the product accurately.

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Sensual Massage Oil w/ Pure Lavender Oil - Relaxing Almond & Jojoba Oil - Women & Men – 100% Natural ...

100% Natural Sensual Body Massage Oil The highest quality sensual oil for the most intimate moments, Honeydew Products offers a 100% pure essential and carrier oil blend which results in the perfect natural Sensual Body Massage Oil. Use ...

- 100% natural sensual massage oil with relaxing pure lavender, pure jojoba and almond oil for women and men.

- Formulated with perfect balance of carrier oils for balanced absorbency (absorption rate not too fast, not too slow) which is ...

- Rich in aromatic compounds which denote sensuality, the natural properties of Bulgarian Lavender Essential Oil synergizes with Jojoba and Almond ...

- Contains only 100% pure, therapeutic-grade oils - free of any additives! Silicone free, paraben free, preservative free, and contains no ...

- Made in a state-of-the-art facility in the USA which exceeds all GMP standards. Therapeutic, pure and sensational, Honeydew Products relaxing ...

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Smokey Mountain Snuff 10 Can Box

Is Smokey Mountain Safe? Smokey Mountain is considered a safe alternative to smokeless tobacco. Smokey Mountain follows FDA guidelines, and only uses FDA approved "food grade" ingredients. Smokey Mountain is manufactured in an inspected food grade manufacturing facility. What are the Ingredients? Smokey ...

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Medline Industries 9165 Electrosurgical Grounding Pads

Medline 9100 series universal grounding pads all have a conductor area of 15 square inches, and come with the 3M green safety ring technology which allows them to meet the same thermal performance standard as traditional pads up to 33% ...

- Non-woven backing which allows heat to pass through up to 25% faster than foam, and they have no minimum age ...

- In addition, they have fluid resistant

- Made in USA

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Poise Incontinence Liners

Seize your Poise moment by taking control of your light bladder leakage (LBL) with Poise Liners. Poise incontinence panty liners are the number one liner for LBL and stays 3X drier than leading similar-size period-only liners. Each liner has a ...

- Poise Incontinence Very Light Absorbency Liners - the number one liner for light bladder leaks†

- Absorb-Loc core quickly locks away wetness and odor

- Thin-Flex technology moves with your body and stays in place, and the Dry-Touch layer provides added comfort

- Discreet, unscented, fragrance-free liner. Available in regular length: 8.5 in (21.6 cm)

- Poise incontinence products are always shipped in discreet packaging and are FSA-eligible - only applicable in the US

6.88'' x 11.25'' x 6.63''
17.5 cm x 28.6 cm x 16.8 cm

6.88 lb (3.121 kg)

$ 36.99
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Microwavable Thermal Heating Pad Compress: Large Heat Therapy Pads for Sore Upper Back

PAIN RELIEF Sunny Bay's versatile heating pack will quickly become your go-to solution for muscle pain, soreness, and tension caused by intense training or accidental tweaks that can happen during daily activities. Simply pop it in the microwave or ...

- ✔️ PAIN RELIEF: Release muscle tension and pain in neck, shoulders, upper back, chest, legs, and more

- ✔️ THERAPEUTIC: Easy to heat in the microwave, our soft pads target muscle tissue soreness deep down

- ✔️ COMFORTABLE: Flax seeds and washable soft fleece cover hold heat for up to 30 minutes of pain relief

- ✔️ HOT-COLD USE: Use as a heat pack or remove the fleece cover for quick conversion to cool therapy

- ✔️ REUSABLE: Can be heated in the microwave or cooled in the freezer over and over for reliable relief

20'' x 17'' x 1''
50.8 cm x 43.2 cm x 2.5 cm

20 lb (9.072 kg)

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Eargasm High Fidelity Earplugs for Concerts Musicians Motorcycles Noise Sensitivity Conditions and More

Hearing protection without sacrificing sound quality! Noise-induced hearing loss is one of the most common occupational hazards. Fortunately, it is easily preventable. Eargasm High Fidelity Earplugs are a low-cost, ready-fit means of hearing protection for any noisy environment with a ...

- PROTECT YOUR HEARING from harmful noise levels at loud events. Cut out excess sound from everyday life and your favorite ...

- PRESERVES SOUND QUALITY with our patent pending innovative attenuation filters. Reduces noise evenly to maintain the full spectrum of sound ...

- GET THE PERFECT FIT with two pairs of different sized earplug shells included with every order. Fits most normal to ...

- HYPOALLERGENIC SOFT SILICONE is non-toxic and comfortable for prolonged wear. Won't cause itching or pressure pain. Ideal for all-day wear ...

- ERGONOMIC ALUMINUM CASE is over 35% shorter than competing brands for easy storage on your keychain. An anti-stick interior guarantees ...

4.02'' x 2.01'' x 2.01''
10.2 cm x 5.1 cm x 5.1 cm

4.02 lb (1.823 kg)

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Naipo Handheld Percussion Massager Electric Back Massage with Heat and Deep Tissue Massaging for Muscle Pain Relief

Product Features:Request for various massage experiences can be satisfied with 3 pairs of different massage nodes (made of silicone and ABS) and adjustable intensity levels.Intensive massage node: Designed for a massage on larger areas, suitable for back, waist and legsRound ...

- 6 interchangeable massage nodes - The handheld massager, equipped with with 3 pairs of different massage nodes (made of silicone ...

- Wide-range speed - Whether you prefer a gentler massage experience or an intenser one, simply rotate the rotary control and ...

- Intense motor - The percussion frequency of the hand held massager reaches 3800 times per minute with the built-in powerful ...

- Ergonomic design - The long anti-slip handle with streamline design makes the portable massager easy to grip and helps easily ...

- Optional heat - With the advanced heating function, your stiff muscle will be greatly soothed by the penetrating gentle heat ...

17.52'' x 3.74'' x 3.74''
44.5 cm x 9.5 cm x 9.5 cm

17.52 lb (7.947 kg)

$ 79.97
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Foot Massager

Desc.:Foot Massager, Shiatsu Kneading Foot Massager Massage Machine with HeatFoot massager machine size approx. 16.5*14*9", Max. for MEN SIZE 11 foot.3 Adjustable massage strength; Massage Timer : 5minutes, 15minutes and 30 minutes. Foot massager's foot sleeves are removable and washable. ...

- Foot massager simulates real massage that will make you to relax your sore and tired feet after all day long ...

- 3 Adjustable massage strength; Massage Timer : 5minutes, 15minutes and 30 minutes.The foot massager's foot sleeves are removable and washable.

- Foot massager has the deep-kneading Shiatsu massage nodes that work on your feet to relieve chronic pain, stubborn knots, muscle ...

- Foot massager machine size approx. 16.5*14*9" , Max. for MEN SIZE 11 foot. And weight 8.8lbs,it's a portable and wonderful ...

- Approved: 2-years warranty, please contact us firstly when you meet any problems. Warning : Read manual before you use the ...

$ 10.77
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9x12 Comfort Gel Pack

This Large 9"x12" ice pack is good for relieving pains treatable by cold therapy. Good for back pain and post surgical care but can be applied anywhere on the body to ease pain and discomfort.

- Stays flexible when frozen!

- Stays cold longer!

- Strong, durable and Reusable!

- Instructions printed directly on pack!

- Non Toxic and Latex free!

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FreeStyle Freedom Lite Blood Glucose Meter

No Coding RequiredFast, 5-Second MeterSmall and Discreet MeterWorld's Smallest Sample SizePackaging May Vary

- No Coding Required

- Fast, 5-Second Meter

- Small and Discreet Meter

- World's Smallest Sample Size

- Packaging May Vary

4'' x 2'' x 7''
10.2 cm x 5.1 cm x 17.8 cm

4 lb (1.814 kg)

$ 38.99
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Philips FR2 Adult Pads

Philips HeartStart FR2 Defibrillation Electrode Pads are general purpose pads for use with Philips HeartStart FR2 and FR2+ AEDs, as well as with older Forerunner AEDs. They replace the electrode pads you originally received with your Philips Heartstart FR2 AED. ...

- Philips HeartStart FR2 Defibrillation Electrode Pads are general purpose pads for use with Philips HeartStart FR2 and FR2+ AEDs, as ...

- They replace the electrode pads you originally received with your Philips Heartstart FR2 AED.

- These electrode pads are recommended for use on patients over the age of 8 or above 55 lbs. (25 kg.) ...

$ 145.90
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DreamStation CPAP Travel Case

The DreamStation Travel Case from Respironics is a compact, stylish, travel bag designed to protect your DreamStation and make traveling with CPAP easy and enjoyable. The case features sturdy construction, an adjustable shoulder strap, and dedicated compartments to carry your ...




$ 41.72
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Depend Incontinence Underwear

Depend for Women Underwear with Maximum Absorbency are specially made to fit the shape of a woman you won't find with bulky adult diapers. This comfortable, breathable, slip-on style incontinence underwear features oval-cut leg openings while FIT-FLEX Protection with more ...

- Depend for Women Maximum Absorbency incontinence underwear features FIT-FLEX protection for a close-to-the-body fit while active and flexes with your ...

- Depend for Women Underwear with Maximum Absorbency provides incontinence and sensitive bladder protection right where women need it most, with ...

- Depend for Women has an underwear-like waistband that is soft and comfortable with an oval-cut leg opening you won't find ...

- Depend for Women Underwear is available in a soft peach color.

- Depends Underwear for Women with Maximum Absorbency are available in Small/Medium and Large, and XL sizes.

17.75'' x 12.19'' x 10.44''
45.1 cm x 31 cm x 26.5 cm

17.75 lb (8.051 kg)

$ 29.99
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SereneLife Desktop Electric Water Fountain Decor w/ LED Illuminated Crystal Ball Accent - Indoor Outdoor Portable Tabletop Decorative Waterfall Kit ...

The SereneLife SLTWF65LED Meditation Water Fountain adds charm and relaxing sophistication to your home or garden. When it comes to letting the days’ stresses and anxieties fall behind, sometimes you need the gentle, relaxing sounds of water to help you ...

- DECORATIVE ACCENT: The SereneLife Electric Meditation Indoor Outdoor Fountain is a stylish piece of home decor that fits on the ...

- SOOTHING RELAXATION: The modern tabletop water fountain provides soothing relaxation and tranquility. Listen to the sounds of a waterfall crashing ...

- BUILT-IN AUTOMATIC PUMP: Each portable water fountain kit has a built-in quiet submersible pump that continuously circulates the water keeping ...

- LIGHTS UP THE MOOD: This rock stack relaxing table top fountain decoration has a crystal ball accent at the top ...

- INDOOR & OUTDOOR SAFE: A versatile gardening and landscaping piece, this cool tiered desktop cascade LED fountain can be placed ...

7.88'' x 8.27'' x 7.88''
20 cm x 21 cm x 20 cm

7.88 lb (3.574 kg)

$ 39.95
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Pure Wave CM3 Cordless Sports Massager - Gray

The CM3 brings deep tissue massage therapy to life. Wherever life happens to take you. The compact, cordless design fits easily into most duffle bags. And the powerful, single-speed percussion head penetrates deep into muscles, to loosen tight muscles, ...

- GET THOSE KNOTS OUT - Penetrate deep into your muscles with CM3's targeted percussion technology.

- RELEASE TIGHT MUSCLES - Pure Wave is great for upper and lower back massage. Really get into those tight muscles ...

- PERCUSSION THREADED TECHNOLOGY - The Pure Wave CM3 is designed with a fast percussion motor that has a threaded tip. ...

- INNOVATIVE STAND DESIGN: Designed to self stand, and small enough to travel with you almost anywhere.

- NEW VALUE - Thousands of Pure Wave users asked us for a value priced model with the same power as ...

$ 39.95
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Intimina Ziggy Cup – Extra-Thin Reusable Menstrual Cup with Flat-fit Design

Ziggy is a revolutionary menstrual cup with a flat-fit design that can't be felt at all - no matter what you're doing! It's the only reusable cup that can be worn during sex, making it the first cup to truly ...

- ULTIMATE COMFORT, INFINITE POSSIBILITIES - Ziggy's revolutionary flat-fit design can't be felt at all - no matter what you're doing! ...

- ULTRA THIN DESIGN -It's a high-capacity cup with a flexible, petal-thin body and leak-proof double rim for total peace of ...

- ANY TIME PROTECTION - Ziggy is a reusable menstrual cup that you can use for up to 2 years - ...

- IT'S TIME TO SWITCH - Made from FDA approved medical-grade silicone, Ziggy is BPA-free and phthalate-free, hypoallergenic and contains no ...

- WALLET & EARTH FRIENDLY - Be kind to environment and your wallet at the same time. Stop throwing money away ...

1.18'' x 2.95'' x 2.56''
3 cm x 7.5 cm x 6.5 cm

1.18 lb (0.535 kg)

$ 21.00
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First Aid Only H5041-AMP Ammonia Inhalant Ampoules

First Aid Only H5041-AMP Ammonia Inhalant Ampoules, 100/Box

- To prevent or treat fainting, .3 mL ammonia inhalant

- To prevent or treat fainting

- 0.3 mL ammonia inhalant

- A respiratory stimulant for inhalation only

- Active ingredients: Alcohol 35%, Ammonia 15%

2.5'' x 4.2'' x 4.2''
6.4 cm x 10.7 cm x 10.7 cm

2.5 lb (1.134 kg)

$ 25.15
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Adapt Barrier Rings - Outer Diameter: 2"

Adapt Barrier Rings - Outer Diameter: 2" (48mm) - Box of 10

- Can be stretched and molded to create custom shapes

$ 16.99
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Madison Supply

These Premium Quality 7 1/2 inch EMT Shears are made of high quality Japanese 420 stainless steel. These trauma shears are designed to handle the rigors of the field. The high impact plastic grips with large finger openings are specially ...

- 2-Pack of Black Handled, autoclaveable, EMT Shears from Madison Supply

- 7.5 inch long trauma shears

- Sharp edge and Milled Serrations for cutting through the toughest material over and over

- Durable, High impact plastic Handles, and stainless steel blades

- Premium quality, long-life Medical Scissors

These trauma shears are designed to handle the rigors of the field. Durable, High impact plastic Handles, and stainless steel ...

$ 16.19
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Yoga Tune Up Jill Miller's Therapy Balls Pair with Mesh Tote

GET GENUINE TUNE UP FITNESS SELF-CARE PRODUCTS (Tune Up Fitness Therapy Ball products are listed as Jill Miller, Yoga Tune Up or Tune Up Fitness) Experience the benefits of self-massage with the original YTU Therapy Ball Pairs. These massage ...

- Yoga Tune Up massage therapy balls by Jill Miller

- 2.5 inches in diameter each

- made of a special rubber that grips at your skin, grabs at multiple layers of muscles, and rubs out adhesions ...

- includes mesh drawstring snug-grip tote

5'' x 2.5'' x 2.5''
12.7 cm x 6.4 cm x 6.4 cm

5 lb (2.268 kg)

$ 22.97
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Vulva Balm Cream - Vaginal Moisturizer - Organic & Natural - Intimate Skin Cream - Estrogen Free Treatment - Reduce ...

Heal and protect your vaginal skin with an intimate moisturizer designed specifically for women Women can suffer from a dry, irritated vulva which can be caused by menopause, pregnancy, breastfeeding or even a hormonal imbalance. Bloom Krans Estrogen Free ...

- NON IRRITATING NATURAL & ORGANIC FORMULA: Our vaginal cream is designed specifically for your intimate area. It's a smooth estrogen ...

- REPLENISHES & REJUVENATES: Women of all ages can suffer from vulvar dryness which can be caused by bacterial vaginosis/vaginitis, menopause, ...

- HELP REDUCE BACTERIAL GROWTH: As bacteria builds up in and around the vagina, you can suffer from urinary tract infections, ...

- ESTROGEN FREE, DYE FREE, STEROID FREE: Our feminine care cream is made with natural and organic ingredients free of estrogen, ...

- BLOOM KRANS 30 DAY TRIAL - This decision is an easy one. Buy and Use Bloom Krans Vulva Harmony for ...

2.25'' x 2.25'' x 2''
5.7 cm x 5.7 cm x 5.1 cm

2.25 lb (1.021 kg)

$ 20.52
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TYT32160202 - StomaSafe Plus Ostomy Support Garment

Do not be the victim of Improperly fitting ostomy appliances. These can risk leakage, negative body image and appearance, discomfort, and pain. With or without surgery, this common condition requires special attention and support. Live your life the way you ...

- SOFT and STRETCHY garment with inner pocket for safe, secure retention of all types of ostomy pouches and drainage bags

- IMPROVES COMFORT: Two-layer system for no contact between skin and pouch. Seamless design with 4-way stretch for optimum skin friendliness

- DISCREET AND SECURE FOR ACTIVE LIFESTYLES: Smooth and supportive fit. The pouch-cover function helps reduce noise and Provides extra security ...

- Washable, Latex-Free

$ 46.58
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Scar Treatment by Embrace

In clinical trials 92 percent of Embrace patients and physicians rated Embrace treated scars as better vs. leaving untreated when treated for 60 days with the Embrace treatment (see our 60-day 2-pack listing for discounts on full treatment). Embrace Active ...

- Treat the root cause of scarring by relieving tension to reduce new, visible, raised scars

- 100 percent silicone hydrates skin tissue to help soften, flatten, and fade new scars from cuts, injuries, or surgeries such ...

- 92% of patients and physicians rated embrace treated scars as better vs. untreated

- Patented Stress-Shield technology and silicone protect and stabilize the scar from everyday movement and stress, preventing the formation of wide, ...

- Contains 3, 2.4" silicone scar treatment sheets; on average last for 10 days each; 30-day supply

6.6'' x 4.1'' x 1.1''
16.8 cm x 10.4 cm x 2.8 cm

6.6 lb (2.994 kg)

$ 49.94
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Certified Safety K616-017 18PB Class A First Aid Burn Kit

Certified Safety's K616-017 Class A First Aid Burn Kit is designed for burn injuries and is fully compliant with ANSI Standard Z308.1-2015. Portable case which can also be wall mounted. Made in the U.S.A.Kit contents: 1" x 3" Plastic Certi-Strips ...

- Features a full compliment of burn products

- Compliant with ansi standard Z308.1-2015

- Powder Free nitrile gloves included

- Wall mountable/portable

- Made in The USA

$ 59.51
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Tracheostomy Care Kit

Carefusion Basic Tracheostomy Care Standard Kit with Coated Paper Lid, Nonsterile, Includes Trach Gauze Dressing, Twill Tape 34", Trach Brush, Four Gauze Sponges 4" x 4", 2 Cotton-tipped Applicators, 2 Pipe Cleaners, 1 Pair Vinyl Gloves, 1 Water-resistant

- Manufacturer: Cardinal Healthcare

- Case of 30

- Basic Tracheostomy Care Standard Kit

- 1 Pair Vinyl Gloves

- Latex free

$ 5.99
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Beauty Molly Anal Douches Superior Medical Materials Enema Bulbs

The Beauty Molly enema kit is made of premium Medicals PVC have FDA Approved and is designed for anal douche enema syringe. The premium medicals bulb enamas kit is ultra soft yet firm and flexible, for comfortable and body ...

- enemas bulb is made of premium medicals PVC have FDA APPROVED. The premium medicals PVC enema kit is ultra soft ...

- anal cleansing douche devices is neutral black with an 7 oz capacity. nozzles lengths approx. 2.32 inch fit inside the ...

- the enemas can be safer and more healthful, and much more comfortable and when you use this enema bulb

- enemas convenient to use, Simply fill the liquid, attach the long rounded-tip nozzle, insert, use anal lube and squeeze the ...

- enema douche for clean, health and more satisfying enema douche

3.2'' x 3.2'' x 10.4''
8.1 cm x 8.1 cm x 26.4 cm

3.2 lb (1.451 kg)

$ 46.60
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AlphaTRAK 2 Veterinary Blood Glucose Monitoring Meter Kit

AlphaTRAK 2 Veterinary Blood Glucose Monitoring Starter Kit has everything you need to manage you pet's diabetes. It is a portable blood glucose monitoring system validated for cats and dogs. ADW Diabetes offers free standard shipping on all AlphaTRAK products. ...

$ 31.58
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Brava Elastic Barrier Strips

A skin-friendly and secure alternative to tape: strips are used to "picture frame" around an ostomy barrier providing extra security. Elastic material follows the contours of the body as you stretch and bend; sticky material and beveled edges ensure the ...

- Designed for square or rectangular barrier shapes

- Elastic (follows the contours of the body)

- Ensures the position of the barrier and minimizes roll-up

6.9'' x 2.7'' x 1.2''
17.5 cm x 6.9 cm x 3 cm

6.9 lb (3.13 kg)

$ 27.50
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Rainbow Light - Prenatal One Multivitamin

Nourishing both Mom's health and Baby's development, Prenatal One contains essential nutrients in potencies that deliver optimal nourishment and protection for moms and babies throughout pregnancy and nursing, including 30mg of non-constipating iron to support metabolism and red blood cell ...

- FOOD BASED MULTIVITAMIN: Vitamins A, C, D2 and iron support blood, bone, skin and immune health

- GENTLE PRENATAL BLEND: Easy to digest, once a day tablet energizes and eases discomfort with non-constipating ingredients

- FOLIC ACID: Provides 800 micrograms, which promotes healthy brain and spinal development

- SUPERFOOD ADDITIONS: Spirulina, red raspberry and ginger combined with plant-source enzymes and 25 million CFU probiotics to enhance digestion

- PURITY SAFEGUARD: Vegan and Gluten free made with natural, purity tested ingredients and NO artificial preservatives, colors, flavors or sweeteners

2.36'' x 2.36'' x 4.93''
6 cm x 6 cm x 12.5 cm

2.36 lb (1.07 kg)

$ 19.88
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Barlean's Oils Essential Woman

Beauty and Balance From Within Evening Primrose Oil Organic Flaxseed Oil Lignans Isoflavones Rosemary Dietary SupplementNurture and Nourish your beauty from within - Outward Beauty is a reflection of inner health.  Radiant glowing skin, lustrous hair and strong nails are ...

- Individuals allergic to Fish should consult a physician before using this product

- Is a reflection of inner health

- A unique blend of oils derived from the seeds of botanical flowers such as evening primrose and flax, as well ...

- Contains oils and phytonutrients recognized for their balancing effects on the female body

6'' x 5'' x 4''
15.2 cm x 12.7 cm x 10.2 cm

6 lb (2.722 kg)

$ 39.85
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New Chapter Menopause Supplement - Estrotone with Evening Primrose Oil + Black Cohosh for Hormone Health - 60 ct Vegetarian ...

If you’re nearing or experiencing menopause, there are lots of options for comfort during hormone-related changes. Let New Chapter support your needs with Estrotone, the women’s herbal delivering Black Cohosh to help reduce hot flashes and night sweats, and Chaste ...

- Trusted Menopause Supplements: Black Cohosh reduces hot flashes and night sweats*

- Estrotone is expertly formulated for women before, during & post-menopause. Specific needs of those seeking pre- and post-menopausal balance.

- Convenient NOW one daily capsule packed with multiple plant nutrients, including organic Evening Primrose oil & Black Cohosh to promote ...

- Healthy Aging: Includes herbs with powerful antioxidant activity to help support healthy aging, also supports healthy skin*

- No Hormones or Estrogen, Non-GMO Project Verified, Certified Gluten Free, 100% Vegetarian, Organic Evening Primrose Oil, No Synthetic Fillers, Made ...

2.16'' x 2.16'' x 3.84''
5.5 cm x 5.5 cm x 9.8 cm

2.16 lb (0.98 kg)

$ 55.99
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4.3 / 5 (91) (91)
NURSAL Cordless Shoulder Massager Shiatsu Massage with Heat for Neck

Nursal Cordless Neck and Shoulder massager is affordable, powerful and deliveries the relief you are seeking!Unique and cordless design makes this massager deliver a deep kneading shiatsu on your pain body and anytime as you like. If the battery runs ...

- CORDLESS & RECHARGEABLE - The internal rechargeable lithium-ion battery offers you about 2 hours of wireless massage experience after 3-4hours ...

- 3D SHIATSU MASSAGER BALL & HEAT FUNCTION: 3D shiatsu massage balls kneading deeply in all areas of your body, relaxing ...

- SPEED & DIRECTION CONTROL - Fast and slow speed to choose for suitable pressure; automatically mode changes direction and speed ...

- LONGER FLEXIBLE STRAPS: Easy to put your hands on the straps, which makes you relax during work or household period. ...

- SAFE GUARANTE: It is recommended to use the massager 15 minute each time. Our product will closed automatically after 15 ...

0.79'' x 0.79'' x 0.79''
2 cm x 2 cm x 2 cm

0.79 lb (0.358 kg)

$ 35.99
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3.3 / 5 (72) (72)
Medline Deluxe Super Absorbency Underpads 30 x 36 Disposable Underpads 30x36 inches

Super absorbent blue underpad includes super absorbent polymer for additional absorbency and is more absorbent than fluff-only underpads. Disposable underpad chux lock in moisture and odor and are great for use as puppy training pads, adult incontinence, or protecting furniture.

- Medline Disposable Underpad includes Super absorbent Polymer (SAP) to lock in moisture and odor better than fluff-only underpads

- Super absorbent Polymer adds an elevated level of absorbency to the disposable underpad when compared to a fluff only pad, ...

- Absorbent disposable underpads include a plastic back sheet that prevents fluid from striking or leaking through, protecting bedding, linens, and ...

- Soft cotton like top-sheet makes these underpads soft to the touch and skin friendly and are gentle on sensitive skin

- Underpad Size: 30" x 36" when unfolded; includes 100 highly absorbent underpads per case

$ 319.00
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4.4 / 5 (808) (808)
SoClean 2 + ResMed S9 Adapter

Clean should be simple. This bundle of two products includes the SoClean and a ResMed S9 adapter. Introducing the fastest, safest, most effective way to clean CPAP equipment. SoClean kills 99.9 percent of CPAP bacteria, germs, and other ...

- POWERFUL DAILY SANITIZING: SoClean easily connects to your CPAP, Bi-PAP, VPAP, or BPAP. This bundle of two items includes the ...

- DESTROYS ALL GERMS: Eliminates 99.9 percent of CPAP bacteria, germs, and other pathogens safely and naturally with no water or ...

- SAVES TIME: Completely automated cleaning cycle saves time by doing all the work for you.

- EASY TO USE: Sanitizes all CPAP equipment, including water in the reservoir, without removing the mask, hose or reservoir.

- Patented, FDA registered and independently lab tested.

7.5'' x 8.75'' x 8.75''
19.1 cm x 22.2 cm x 22.2 cm

7.5 lb (3.402 kg)

$ 4.50
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Mabis Precision Lister Bandage Scissors Shears

MABIS Precision Stainless Steel Lister Bandage ScissorsIf you want solid, high-quality bandage scissors for home or medical use, these lister bandage scissors are just the tool for the job. Made from attractive stainless steel, they safely cut through tape and ...

- THESE LISTER BANDAGE SCISSORS DELIVER SUPERIOR PERFORMANCE when cutting safely through tape, bandages and similar material.



- Great for home use as well

- Length: 7.25 inches

7.5'' x 0.25'' x 2.75''
19.1 cm x 0.6 cm x 7 cm

7.5 lb (3.402 kg)

$ 21.98
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Goldwheat Portable Insulin Cooler Bag Diabetic Organizer Medical Travel Cooler Pack + 2 Ice Pack

Specification: 1.Size:20CM*9CM*4CM(L*W*H) / 7.87inch*3.54inch*1.57inch(L*W*H) 2.Our Products use thermal insulation material and contain cold insulation liner 3.Refrigerant has large cold capacity and good heat insulated property 4.Portable, fashionable and beautiful 5.Suitable for diabetics to carry insulin injections ...

- Small size, light weight, good insulation effect, convenient portable case is perfect for backpack storage.(included 2 ice packs)

- The liner is made of high-quality Aluminum foil,designed with Velcro,not only has good insulation effect but also provides insulation against ...

- Package Includes: 1 piece insulin bag + 2 piece ice pack (New)

- Good to Know: Please put the 2 pieces ice packs in the refrigerator more than 10 to 12 hours before ...

- Dimensions: 7.87*3.54*1.57 inches (L*W*H); Weight: 6.4 ounces; With 30 days money back, 1 year warranty and easy-to-reach customer service.

7.87'' x 3.54'' x 1.57''
20 cm x 9 cm x 4 cm

7.87 lb (3.57 kg)

$ 50.01
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Tranquility SlimLine Original Adult Disposable Brief - XS - 100 ct

Tranquility SlimLine Original adult disposable briefs (also called adult disposable diapers) conform to the body for a comfortable fit while providing superior absorbency. The soft, cloth-like inside layer is gentle against your skin. The underlying, high-capacity, absorbent peach core contains ...

- Adult Diapers/Briefs designed for heavy levels of urinary incontinence (10 oz to 24 oz capacity, varying by size)

- Kufguards® (inner leg cuffs) channel fluids to the core to contain large urine episodes and bowel, or fecal, incontinence

- Wetness indicator turns from yellow to blue, clearly indicating when a change is due

- Available in six sizes, ranging from Junior (XXS) to XL, all with refastenable tabs and latex-free

- Peach Mat Guarantee ensures skin dryness, reduces odor, neutralizes pH, and inhibits bacterial growth

21'' x 15.75'' x 12''
53.3 cm x 40 cm x 30.5 cm

21 lb (9.525 kg)

$ 11.25
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GSTAR 11" Premium 1 Hose Hookah Complete Set - Mini Pumpkin Hookah Glass Vase -

This 11 inch quality hookah is an example of modern production applied to an old tradition. It is easy to assemble/disassemble, clean, and store away, making it the perfect hookah to take on the road. It works just as well ...

- GSTAR Premium Hookah Series - 11" Complete System

- Parts: (1) Glass Vase, (1) Shaft w/ Downstem, (1) Synthetic Leather Hose, (1) Ceramic Bowl, (1) Ashtray, (1) Pair of ...

- Easy to Assemble, Disassemble, Clean and Store Away - Perfect for Home or for Travel

- Travel Case is NOT Included

4.5'' x 4.5'' x 8.86''
11.4 cm x 11.4 cm x 22.5 cm

4.5 lb (2.041 kg)

$ 19.62
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Lenny & Larry's Snickerdoodle Cookies -

16 g Protein Per Cookie Baked Nutrition 10 g Fiber Per Cookie No Dairy Ingredients No Egg No Soy Ingredients Non GMO VeganFacts: 16 g Protein Per Cookie 10 g Fiber Per Cookie 0 g Trans Fat Non-GMO No Soy ...

- This tasty snickerdoodle cookie contains no animal products, 16g protein, 8g fiber, kosher, vegan, no trans fat, non-GMO.

- Fresh baked flavor with no dairy,no eggs, no soy, no high fructose corn syrup, no cholesterol, no preservatives, no artificial ...

- Box of 12 4-ounce individually wrapped cookies

9.06'' x 4.72'' x 4.72''
23 cm x 12 cm x 12 cm

9.06 lb (4.11 kg)

Best seller
$ 14.98
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Majestic Pure Fractionated Coconut Oil

Scientists have recently discovered a miraculous coconut oil called "Fractionated Coconut Oil", and now it has been positioned as a No. 1 aromatherapy massage oil on the market. To make fractionated coconut oil, coconut is processed in a way that ...

- PREMIUM QUALITY FRACTIONATED COCONUT OIL - It is a fraction of the coconut oil from which almost all the long ...

- OTHER USES: Coconut oil one of the most versatile oils. It's used as moisturizer, as private lubricant, in recipes for ...

- SAFETY WARNING: For external use only. Rub a very small amount on the inside of your elbow area to test ...

- FRACTIONATED COCONUT OIL is also a great carrier for blending with essential oils. It can be mixed with other more ...

- GUARANTEE - PURCHASE RISK FREE TODAY with complete peace of mind, if you are not completely satisfied with Majestic Pure ...

3'' x 3'' x 8.5''
7.6 cm x 7.6 cm x 21.6 cm

3 lb (1.361 kg)

$ 10.49
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Sliquid Organics Splash Balance Gentle Feminine Wash [Honeydew Cucumber]: Size 8.5 Oz.

Sliquid Splash is a gentle feminine wash, formulated as always completely glycerin and paraben free. All are great alternatives to traditional soap and water and other harsh detergents. Fragrance formulas are blended with essential oils, coconut derivatives, and sea salt. ...

- Great alternatives to traditional soap and water and other harsh detergents. Fragrance formulas are blended with essential oils, coconut derivatives, ...

$ 12.82
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Enzymatic Therapy Sleep Tonight Tablets

For us, the focus has always been on safety, and relying on proof of product effectiveness. While many of our products have been researched, it is vitally important to us to strike a balance between traditional medicine and modern science-making ...

- "SPECIALLY FORMULATED FOR A BETTER NIGHT'S SLEEP: Sleep Tonight is formulated to balance stress hormones like cortisol.* This gentle formula contains stress-reducing botanicals, ...

- SLEEP TONIGHT FOR A FOCUSED TOMORROW: This formula helps reduce stress for a better night's rest.* Greet tomorrow refreshed and ...

- A GOOD DAY STARTS WITH A GOOD NIGHT: When stress occasionally keeps you awake at night, wind down with Sleep ...

- SIMPLE & CONVENIENT: Easy daily dose! Just take 1 tablet before bedtime and rest easier with Sleep Tonight.

2.31'' x 2.31'' x 4.28''
5.9 cm x 5.9 cm x 10.9 cm

2.31 lb (1.048 kg)

$ 13.50
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Philips Respironics DreamStation Filter Kit

This is only for the Philips Respironics DreamStation. These are Philips Respironics brand Filters. Each package includes 6 Disposable Ultra-Fine Filters and 1 or 2 Pollen Filter depending upon option you purchase.

- 6 Philips Respironics DreamStation Disposable Ultra-Fine Filters # 1122519

- 1 or 2 Philips Respironics DreamStation Pollen Filters # 1122446

- OEM Replacement Filters (Philips Respironics Brand)

- These filters are ONLY for the Philips Respironics DreamStation series CPAP and BiPAPs

Filter Kit 6-Disposable Ultra-Fine 2-Pollen for Philips Respironics DreamStation | Health & Beauty, Health Care, Sleeping Aids | eBay!