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PEET - Advantage 4-Shoe Electric Express Shoe and Boot Dryer

The Advantage PEET powers air through the Air Chambers and DryPorts with a fan, to dry gear faster than our traditional natural convection models. The Advantage PEET dries most footwear in 1-4 hours, depending on the saturation of the item. ...

- ALL FOOTWEAR, ALL MATERIALS: Safely and effectively dries leather, rubber, vinyl, neoprene, canvas, synthetics, fleece, felt, microfiber, and more.

- DRY AND DEODORIZE: Removes wet, sweat, and odor from your footwear, keeping your feet comfortable, healthy, and dry.

- YEAR WARRANTY: Our products are designed to last and we're confident that your PEET Dryer will exceed expectations for years ...

- SAVE YOUR GEAR: Eliminates moisture and preserves your gear. Dry two pairs of shoes at once or attach PEET Helmet ...

- SUBTLE YET EFFECTIVE: Quietly dries and deodorizes footwear in 1 to 4 hours with PEET's Power fan, all while using ...

13.25'' x 13.25'' x 9.75''
33.7 cm x 33.7 cm x 24.8 cm

6.3 lb (2.858 kg)

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MaxxDry Heavy Duty Boot Dryer

The MaxxDry Heavy Duty Boot, Shoe, and Glove Dryer dries two pairs of boots, shoes, or gloves in about 1 hour. Use the MaxxDry Heavy Duty to safely dry sweaty ski boots, soggy gloves, or wet football cleats. The MaxxDry ...

- Dries most items in about 1 hour; includes removable 16-inch extension tubes for drying taller boots

- Forced air boot dryer, shoe dryer, and glove dryer works simultaneously on up to four garments

- foot power cord; heat/no heat switch; 3 hour timer; 1-year warranty

- Heats to 105-degrees F. (40.5-degrees C.); safe for liners, clothes, and boots

- Helps eliminate odors and reduce the growth of bacteria and mold

12'' x 6'' x 5''
30.5 cm x 15.2 cm x 12.7 cm

1 lb (0.454 kg)

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Copper Compression Plantar Fasciitis Feet Insoles. Anti-Fatigue Foot Pain Insole. Guaranteed Highest Copper Content Shoes Insert. Orthotic Shoe Inserts with ...

Copper Compression Anti-Fatigue Foot Insole. Patent Pending. LIMITED NEW RELEASE SPECIAL PRICING! PATENT PENDING - Do NOT Be Fooled By ...

Foot, Leg, or Back issues? Copper Compression Orthotic Foot Insoles provide you the ultimate in Foot, Leg, & Body support. This Patent Pending copper foot insole / orthotic foot insert supports stiff and sore muscles and joints! IMPORTANT - Do ...

- START SUPPORTING YOUR STIFF AND SORE MUSCLES & JOINTS - Copper Compression products are designed to help support stiff and ...

- LIMITED NEW RELEASE SPECIAL PRICING! PATENT PENDING - Do NOT Be Fooled By Imitations! Many companies claim to have copper ...

- HIGH PERFORMANCE + YOU CAN WEAR IT EVERYDAY - Copper Compression Foot Insoles / Inserts are for both men and ...

- 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE - In the very unlikely event that you do not absolutely Love this Copper Compression Foot ...

- For Men & Women + Our Foot Insoles can easily be trimmed for precision fit. Will fit for Men Shoe ...

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ToePal: Gel Toe Separator & Toe Stretcher for Yoga


- This Toe Straightener Can Relief and Treat Bunion, Hallux Valgus, Bunionette, Hammer Toes, Calw Toes

- ToePal Ocean sizing, WOMEN: US Shoe Sizes 6-11 / MEN: US Shoe Sizes 7-10. Package includes one Pair.

- This Toe stretcher is made of Pliable and soft Medical Grade Gel

- You will Feel Immediate Pain Relief and Relaxed Toes and Secure your Toes Health

- This Toe Separators and Toe Spacer Gel Increase Spaces Between your Toes for Proper Toes Alignment

4.65'' x 3.54'' x 0.55''
11.8 cm x 9 cm x 1.4 cm

0.04 lb (0.018 kg)

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