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Electric Can Opener

Keep your stove, appliances, and backsplash clean with this simple to use splash guard. It can also help prevent spills ...

Pro Chef Tools were designed with home chefs in mind. They are created by professional chefs who know cooking inside and out and understand exactly what you need while you're in the kitchen. All the products are made of high-quality ...

- Machine Washable: just throw these in the wash on gentle cycle and hang dry.

- Reusable & washable: our bags are breathable, meaning your fruits and vegetables will remain cool, crisp, and fresh. These bags ...

- Natural cotton our reusable produce bags are made of durable 100% cotton mesh biodegradable material, and are free of any ...

- Machine Washable - durable MATERIAL and double-stitched seams. Stainless steel cord lock instead of plastic.

- Variety of sizes: with 3 different sizes 20*25cm, 25*30cm, 43*30cm these bags will accommodate most any size Fruit or vegetable.

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Lavatools Kitchen Timer & Stopwatch

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- Integrated magnet, kickstand, and hand hole allows you to place it anywhere.

- Quick-set minute and seconds buttons allows for easy and fast operation.

- Large 3" Display with easy-to-read bold clear digits.

- Ultra-loud beeper alarm means that you'll never miss it, even if you're in another room.

- Mute function and light indicator means you can use it in crowded or quiet areas with out bothering others.

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Seesii Interval Timer Count Down/Up Clock

CountDown Mode: [dn MM:SS]. The 10 programmable settings are capable of customizing 9 intervals. TABATA: 8 rounds exercise 20 seconds, ...

- What's more, for those who want to train outside, hooking up a power bank via the USB slot will allow ...

- Crystal Clear LED Display: Features a 11’’ ultra-clear display with 1.5’’ LED digits in bright red and blue, brightness is ...

- Design Your Own Interval Workout: Pre-set interval programs are useful to get started quickly, this fully adjustable timer is more ...

- Multi-Functional Gym Timer: Versatile timer with plenty of practical functions: 12/24 hour normal time, countdown/countdown in minutes and seconds, stopwatch, ...

- Convenient Hotkeys Reaching Your Workouts: The timer has pre-programmed buttons including TABATA and FGB for adding great conveniences to your ...

0.12'' x 0.02'' x 0.04''
0.3 cm x 0 cm x 0.1 cm

0.015 lb (0.007 kg)

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